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As you  probably already know, Microsoft released their “Windows 8 Consumer Preview”. Some say it bold, others say it’s stupid – removing the old familiar start-button from the taskbar. It’s probably just out of old-habit, but I struggled without it. And I’m not the only one. Meaning someone already made a fix for it.


To be perfectly honest, ViStart is not a new product. It has actually been around a while and is a tool created to replace the standard Start-Menu in Windows XP, Vista and 7. The program runs perfectly under Windows 8 Consumer Edition so there’s really no need to miss the Start-Button any longer.

You might experience that the Start-Button overlap the Internet Explorer Icon which now live where the Start-Button used to. If you do, there is an easy fix. Thanks to a smart guy called Vishal  there’s a quick fix to the problem. What you do is to add a folder to the taskbar as a menu. Then Unlock the Taskbar and move that empty folder menu all the way over to the left side, nudging the MSIE icon to the right (more detailed explanation over at  his blog here) .

One thing before you download

The installer comes with toolbar add ons. Make sure you uncheck all of them before installation. These are NOT virus, adware nor spyware, just annoying toolbars cladding your browser view.

Download ViStart

Download ViStart

Download ViStart


You are able to add the Start-Button without using a third-party tool like ViStart, but only as a text-based menu, not the nice GUI you’re used to.


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4 thoughts on “Windows 8: Bring back the Start-Menu Orb”

  1. Vishal Gupta says:


    Thanks for your kind words and featuring the article here. :)

  2. Uvais says:

    Thanks Thomas and Vishal Bro…..I was thinking to post about this software @ Forum  no Problem..Great work

  3. Uvais says:

    Anyway you can use this tool too


    Image : http://i.imgur.com/FWKuq.png

    this ‘ll back Orb with new Start Menu :D

  4. Lasse Henskjold says:

    As you probably already know, Microsoft Norway has invited a number of references to the testing of Windows 8 I’m not one of the references, but NS 3413 advisor at the DECISION-Diploma Certificate in http://tinyurl.com/henskjold-hom… Lasse Henskjold-Bing text box. Windows live link for Windows 8 results https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=CF73B46C355C5BB8&id=CF73B46C355C5BB8%217101 Microsoft Norway is not responsible for the content!

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