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add libraries 00 Windows 7: Add Libraries [How To]

Libraries are introduced with Windows 7; these libraries are special folders with special views. They are “special” because each library is an aggregate of many different folders. The default libraries include pictures, videos, music, and a few others. The data in these folders is a mix of personal files and publicly shared files on the computer/network. In this guide, you’ll learn how to add more libraries to the default selection.

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Adding More Libraries in Windows 7

To add another library, do the following:

  1. Hold the Windows key and press E
  2. When the libraries screen comes up, right click any blank space, select New, and click Library

    Add Libraries in Windows Seven 1

  3. Give your new library a name

    Add Libraries in Windows Seven 2

  4. Double click on your new library and click Include a Folder

    Add Libraries in Windows Seven 3

  5. Add specific folders, which will all merge into one library

    Add Libraries in Windows Seven 4

  6. Now you have your own library, which represents your specific files, which may ordinarily be spread around your hard drive and network

    Add Libraries in Windows Seven 5

Now you are familiar with Windows 7’s built-in feature, Libraries, which helps you organize your data.

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