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UPDATE: I came across some more shortcuts and I’ve added them to the list.

After playing around with Windows 7, I have found the following new shortcut keys to be useful. Do you know any more?


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14 thoughts on “Shortcut Keys in Windows 7”

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  5. marie says:

    I need to find a ” free form filler” site please

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  9. Manjot Singh says:

    Press Windows button+tab n check it out!

  10. Mehraj says:


  11. Amu12 says:


  12. Namitha says:

    win + tab ! beautifully displays all open programs , can switch between open programs or visit the desktop :)

  13. Jayeshsanap says:

    Nice yaar….

  14. benson kigara says:

    this s great i cant belive it am really enjoying it.

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