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Remove Windows 7 from Dual Boot with Vista

If you’re finished with the hype of Windows 7 or you just want to migrate to a different machine, this guide will help you remove the OS from your computer.

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Removing Windows 7 from Your Computer

To remove Windows 7 from your computer, do the following in Windows Vista:

  1. Press Start and click Control Panel
  2. In the search box, type Advanced system and click on View advanced system settings in the search results
  3. Under the Advanced tab, click on Startup and recovery > Settingsā€¦
  4. Change the default operating system to Microsoft Windows Vista and click OK
    Remove Windows 7 from Dual Boot with Vista - 1
  5. Click the Start button, right click on Computer, and select Manage
  6. In the left pane, click Disk Management
  7. Find the Windows 7 partition, right click it, and select Delete Volume…
    Remove Windows 7 from Dual Boot with Vista - 2

Windows 7 is now removed from your computer. You may now reclaim the partition or put it to another use.

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