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Windows 7 Calc 8 New Features of Windows 7 CalculatorWindows 7 comes with a lot of new features. But, even as the new ones always sound more interesting, we cannot forget that the operating system has more to offer.

This post is about an older utility. Windows has been shipped with this program since Windows 1.

Maybe, you haven’t use it a lot, and I am sure you have been looking for an electronic calculator sometimes even with your computer on, but, why not take a close look to the new Windows 7 Calculator?

Looking for more uses for Windows 7’s new calculator?


This is a really useful feature. Now, you can see what has been done before and check if  the operations are correct. Press Ctrl + H to view the history.

Windows 7 Calc History 8 New Features of Windows 7 Calculator

In the View menu we have 2 new modes.


Windows 7 Calc Programmer 8 New Features of Windows 7 Calculator

This is the kind of feature we all wanted to have 20 years ago.  If you want to make some binary operations or hexadecimal math this is a good option.


Windows 7 Calc Statistics 8 New Features of Windows 7 Calculator

First you should enter the numbers of your calculation using the Add button. Once you finish with this it can show the average of the values, average of the square of the values, sum of the values, sum of the square of the values, standard deviation, standard deviation of population.

Date Calculation

Windows 7 Calc Difference Between two dates 8 New Features of Windows 7 Calculator

Date calculation is always complex, so why not leave your computer do the math? It can calculate the difference between two dates, and also add or subtract days to a specific date.

Unit conversion

Windows 7 Calc Unit Conversion 8 New Features of Windows 7 Calculator

Do you need to convert between two units? Using the new calculator, you can convert units of angle, area, energy, length, power, pressure, temperature, time, velocity, volume, weight, and mass.


In the view menu, we find under the worksheets section several options.

Windows 7 Calc Worksheets Mortgage 8 New Features of Windows 7 Calculator


It asks for some parameters and calculates the down payment, monthly payment, purchase price, and term of the mortgage.

Windows 7 Calc Mortgage 8 New Features of Windows 7 Calculator

Vehicle Lease

Windows 7 Calc Vehicle Lease 8 New Features of Windows 7 Calculator

The same as with the mortgage. In this case you can calculate the lease period, value, periodic payment, and residual value.

Fuel economy

Windows 7 Calc Fuel economy 8 New Features of Windows 7 Calculator

Do you want to know how much fuel your car is using? This feature just makes the division between the numbers, but in case you need it the option is here and can also make calculation using liters and kilometers.

Who knew the new calculator has so many new features? Looking for more uses for Windows 7’s new calculator?

 8 New Features of Windows 7 Calculator

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  • Lee

    Which it have the differences between two Times, adding times, subtracting times.

  • http://discoveryourpc.net Angel

    Thanks for the comment, it only works with date maybe on Windows 8 :)

  • Hamzahhang

    yes full windows 7 profesional and windows 7 ultimate buy

  • Mohit

    Nope, i m having Windows 7 Ultimate, &all the above mentioned features r available as well as working.
    therefore i request you to please upgrade your OS.

  • http://www.centralcontracts.com/manufacturer/car/jaguar/ www.centralcontracts.com

    Wow this is really useful especially if you are doing a further maths A-level like me.

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