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lock LockThis! Password Protect Single Applications A few weeks back you got to read about a small utility that allows you to lock your keyboard and mouse when leaving your computer on (Read here). And a while back, I told you about Predator which allows you to lock your Computer using a USB Flash Drive (Read Here). This time I\’m bringing you a way to lock single applications, so that you can leave your computer on for others to use, and at the same time protect running applications from tampering or accidental shut-down.

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If you like me have a computer that is shared by many people in your household or at work – locking the entire computer when you leave it, might not always be an option. The problem with leaving everything running while you are on your coffee break, big-boys-room visit or just outside grasping some fresh air, is that if someone should need to borrow your workplace, they might just happen to shut down the program you were working on. And if you\’re really lucky they didn\’t save your work first either. This is where LockThis! comes very handy.


LockThisProtected LockThis! Password Protect Single Applications LockThis! is a small application resting in your system tray which allows you to lock most single running applications, and protect it with your set password. To be able to access the locked program, folder or file, you need to type in your password. If someone types in the wrong password, the file stays minimized. In most cases LockThis! will also prevent someone from closing the application by right clicking it.It is still a fresh application and not every item or program will be protected at all times. Notepad documents doesn\’t seem to be affected at all, and some programs can be closed by right-clicking the taskbar icon. But for most programs this will work very well. Just make sure you test each program to see which can benefit from LockThis! and which can\’t.

Very Easy to use

LockThis LockThis! Password Protect Single Applications I love that phrase.  LockThis! is very small and very very easy to use. After setup you will have a small padlock symbol in your Tray. To set your own password, Right-Click it and choose Admin Panel. The default password is: LockThis! (with the exclamation mark). The Admin Panel opens giving you the option to change password and to choose one of three password usages:

  1. Admin Password for every locked item
  2. Different Password for each application (smart if someone knows your admin one)
  3. A fixed password for all items that differs from your admin password

After that you are all set to go.When you want to lock something, press CTRL button as you minimize it, If you have chosen alternative 2 you will be asked to set a password. If not LockThis! will simply minimize the window. If you like, you may  temporarily disable LockThis! using a keyboard shortcut (CTRL + ALT + L). The taskbar icon will then hide (a better option would be to change color). Remember to activate it again before you minimize your windows.

Want to know more ?

Well, then, just surf on over here.

Or, simply download it, and give it a go !

download64 LockThis! Password Protect Single Applications

Download LockThis!

 LockThis! Password Protect Single Applications

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  • skyzyk

    I am somewhat confused. When I went to look at the site page it states among know issue that IE8 stops reponding when LockThis is activated and that Firefox cannot be locked. It doesn't seem as it is trully compatible with Windows 7 or anyone else using IE8. I like very much the idea of a program like this because I do leave my computer rendering images overnight. This would be very handy for that and in general. Is this something being worked on?

  • Thomas_mintywhite

    Hi skyzyk I run it on Windows 7, 64 bit without any problems what so ever.
    I have not seen any IE8 problems what so ever. WHen it comes to Firefox not being locked:
    Like I state in ^the article not all applications can be expected to be protected … as of yet. But I am sure they are working on this.
    Best Advice I can give is to try it for yourself – and see how it reacts to your system.

  • http://www.mintywhite.com RSVR85

    Another good find Thomas. Thanks for the post! :)

  • Infinity28_

    The default pass is not working wtf i typed LockIt! and it tells me the password is invalid

  • Infinity28_

    The correct default pass is : LockThis! not LockIt!

  • http://richr.org/ Rich

    Thanks for sharing as I'm sure you're not the only one who had trouble with the default password.

  • Thomas

    Sorry about that. I have updated the article.

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