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Device drivers act as an interface (or communication channel) between your operating system and your hardware. To learn more about drivers, read computer drivers: the basics.

It’s important to keep your drivers updated to take advantage of code fixes, reliability improvements, and security; Intel have made it even easier to keep your drivers up to date with the Intel Driver Update Utility.

Intel Driver Update Utility

To use the Intel Driver Update Utility, go here.

Intel does not collect personal information when running this check. From the site:

  • No personal information is collected.
    • Intel is committed to protecting your privacy. For more information about Intel’s Privacy Notice, please visit www.intel.com/privacy.
  • Only your system’s hardware and system software are evaluated.
    • For example: chipset, graphics driver version, networking, operating system version.
  • Available for Windows 7*, Windows Vista*, Windows XP*, and Windows 2000*. If you are using a different operating system, please visit Download Center to look for available software.
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer*, Firefox*, Google Chrome*, and Safari* browsers.
  • Installing a secure ActiveX*/Java* browser component is required.

Click Check your system for the latest updates:

Once you click the Check your system button, you’ll need to confirm the Java applet can run by clicking Run.

Any updates will be listed and you can download them directly from Intel.

I recommend uninstalling the tool after you’ve updated drivers although it should do no harm if it remains installed:

Please note: Some devices will be found but not recognized such as non-Intel graphics and sound cards. You can update drivers for these devices (as well as your Intel devices) using a program like Device Doctor.

Download Intel Driver Update Utility

Download Intel Driver Update Utility

Run Intel Driver Update Utility

Want to check for updates to and update all your drivers? Download Device Doctor:

Download Device Doctor

Download Device Doctor

Download Device Doctor


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