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Want to customize your Windows 7 a bit more with a custom theme? Here’s the 10 best currently available themes selected by sergiogarcia9 from SG Designs (find out more at www.sergiogarcia9.deviantart.com)
To go to these themes downloads location just click the titles.

To learn how to install a theme, go here.

Number 10
Zune QuickPlay for Win7 by giannisgx89

Comments: This theme is made to match Microsofts new gadget, Zune’s, GUI. It pulls that off perfectly and looks stunning and very simple.

Number 9
Dark Agility Visual Style by djabytown

Comments: This is a very stylish dark visual style, which i personally have used a lot. It’s very clean, easy on the eyes and it has some nice details

Number 8
Vienna by benbackman

Comments: Remember vienna? This is the best theme in that category. It has a simple UI and good clean images.

Number 7
Gizdom Reloaded for Windows 7 by katz93

Comments: This is one of the darker themes on this list. The small details you find from place to place looks very good.

Number 6
X2 Crystal Beta Updated by cyntar7

Comments: This is a very clean visual style, which is easy on your eyes and looks stunning

Number 5
Inspirat Clearscreen Round W7 by angelx7

Comments: This is one of my own favorite themes. I just love the frame, the min/max/close buttons, it all. A very nice theme after my opinion

Number 4
Midnight Glass Nature Theme by mrgrim01

Comments: This is a more advanced theme, which uses a full glass application to make the background transparent (you can use it without also) which together looks fantastic

Number 3
Snow Leopard for Win7 by giannisgx89

Comments: Don’t know what to say really, if you want your PC to look like a Mac, this is the best theme for Windows 7 that does that. It has great details and the quality is 100% high!

Number 2
Soft7 2.0 BETA 1 by ap-graphik

Comments: This theme is one of the most popular on deviantart, and there’s a reason for that. It’s very simple, and build for improving the default aero’s images, while still keeping it clean and simple.

Number 1
Crescendo Theme for Win7 by giannisgx89

Comments: This is without doubt the best theme for Windows 7 so far. It’s so clean and smooth, simply a fantastic theme

About Bo Gjerlow

My name is Bo, and I'm a User Interface designer who has created various Windows 7 Visual Styles and other graphics. I am also a website owner, graphic enthusiast and a student. I have also written various tutorials for different sites. Some of you might know me under the username sergiogarcia9.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Visual Styles For Windows 7”

  1. RSVR85 says:

    Great list SG, thanks for sharing them :)

  2. Tune Up says:

    Nice themes, I try out new visual styles every now and then and this is really supporting interesting! I do have some addition advice. Not too long ago we recently wrote a blog post about changing Windows 7’s the best way to change your visual style it that also contains some great new themes. If some readers here do would like to change their visual style, but are not really sure how to do it, I invite you them to read our post. and it might help you out. Take a look over here http://bit.ly/9cQOIP

  3. Sokobanja says:

    Thanx for sharing this beautiful themes with us

  4. sokobanja smestaj says:

    Great topic. Very useful for beginners

  5. Bosbyabodam says:

    hi how do i download this themes

    1. Rich says:

      Just click the image of the theme you like and then you’ll be taken to the download page.

    2. Rich says:

      Just click the image of the theme you like and then you’ll be taken to the download page.

  6. Zaheen says:

    Good themes.
    Thanks for sharing.
    After patching all themes can be easily installed.

  7. prince999 says:

    how can i download this themes?

  8. Angie.... says:

    if you create one with the woods, everyone would be so pleased and grateful for you. There’s a lot who love that dream to come true.

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