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In this guest post, MSP shows us how to remap Windows keys without manually modifying the registry. Find out more about MSP at the end of this post. 

You may want to disable some keys on the keyboard; for example, if you are a gamer, you might have wanted to disable the Windows key because accidentally clicking on it might pause your game and invoke the Start menu.

Here is a simple way to disable any key on the keyboard of your computer running Windows.

The registry in Windows can be edited to “map” one key to another key or disable a key. Manual registry editing for this might be a bit tough. Fortunately, here is software which does this – SharpKeys.

How to disable the Windows key:

1. Download SharpKeys here, extract the zip file, and install and run it and it shows a screen as below:

Note: SharpKeys works with all currently-supported versions of Windows

2. Click on the “Add” button on the bottom select the “From Key” (the key with function you want to change – Left Windows key in our case). To select it, you can scroll down or type the key

3. Now select the “To Key” – the new function which you want to assign to the From Key. (Here we select “Turn Key Off” option)

4. Click OK. Click on Write to Registry and that’s it you are done (log off and on to put the changes into effect before your next computer restart.)

If you want to restore the key (From Key – whose function is changed) to its original function, just select the entry in the main screen and click on Delete. Then click Yes and then click on “Write to registry” and once again your keys work as before.

MSP is a writer whose work can be seen at The Netizens. To find out more about his work or to contact him, please visit TheNetizens.net.

If you want to change the function of a key, do read this article on how to Change–Modify–Reassign keys or buttons of keyboard in Windows.

Download SharpKeys

Download SharpKeys

Download SharpKeys

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