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About a year ago I set out to create me a Windows 7 live CD. Finally, I am able to present you with the How-To. But before we get into that, let’s review what a LIVE CD is.

A Live CD is an actual Windows Installation that you carry with you on a USB Flash Drive or CD/DVD. The Windows Installation is portable, meaning that you can have your own windows running on any PC you encounter. The Live CDs are most commonly used to repair computers that have crashed or to rescue data from a hard drive before doing a fresh installation. The great thing about a Live CD is that it does not alter anything on the computer you use (almost like a sandbox). You boot the computer as if it is your own (from the CD/DVD or USB). You can pre-install all the software you like, making it available no matter where you are. Sort of a Laptop, but without the hardware.

In the Linux World it has been around for years ( and as Windows XP). But Windows 7, well it’s been a longer road. You have of course been able to download illegal Windows Live Copies on the net for a while – but now at last I am able to show you have to create your own legal copy (for your personal use), provided you own a Windows Setup Disk and license.

Enough chit chat, let’s get on with it…

The overview

In order to create a Live CD from Windows 7, we need to download a utility called WinBuilder (download link at the end of this article). We also need a whole bunch of scripts to program our Live CD. Luckily there are hundreds of ready scripts available for us to download, so you don’t have to be a geek to get it working.  I have a set of working scripts available to you, but first, let’s look for those custom ones. Go ahead and download the WinBuilder application.

Do NOT place Winbuilder on your Desktop or other “User Related” folders.

  1. Upon first launch, WinBuilder will open the Download Script Page, which allows you to browse through lots of available projects. The first thing we do is updating the servers list and choose the “winPE 7” project. This is a beginners project, with most common scripts you need to get started. More scripts and functions may be added later on.
  2. Choose “Complete Set” from the dialogue, and click Download.
  3. Once a project has been downloaded, close the Download page or reboot WinBuilder (you can always go back and download other scripts and add ons by clicking on the Download Button in the main window). Should you come across a script you would like to use, it can also be added manually by copying it into the WebBuilder Project folder.
  4. If you are a curious geek, who like to tweak everything, go ahead and look through the downloaded scripts, tweak everything from windows theme, wallpaper, sounds etc.

Running the scripts

  1. Once a project has been chosen and tweaked, you need your Windows Setup Disk, as the scripts will copy everything they need from it.
  2. Click The Source Button, and choose the path for the Setup Disk.
  3. Next, Expand the Finalize Folder in the script overview window and choose the apropriate settings (Create ISO, copy to USB-drive etc.).
  4. Then, click the PLAY button and wait while WinBuilder does the rest.

    Once Winbuilder is done you will find a folder in the Script folder called ISO which contain the finished Windows Live CD.

    Then burn it to a DVD or a Flash Drive, and you should be good to go.

If you are tweaking the script files, you will sometimes get unforeseen errors. Should you experience this, post a question in the WinBuilder Forums.

Making it easy

If you want a Live CD that works “out of the box”, try the one below. Unpack the files into your WinBuilder Projects Folder and restart the application. Tweak whatever you feel like, then follow the instructions in the “Running the scripts“-section above.


The Megashare link requires a password: mintywhite (all lowercase)

Download WinBuilder Project

WinBuilder Project (link 1)
Password: mintywhite

WinBuilder Project (link 2)

Download WinBuilder

Download WinBuilder


Useful Links

  • Script Add ons
  • Win7PE Projects





About Thomas

Computer geek from the age of 7, which amounts to 30 years of computer experience. From the early days (when every computer company had their own OS) of DOS, Windows 1.0 through Seven...

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14 thoughts on “Create a Windows 7 Live CD [How To]”

  1. Berndaugstein says:

    I tried to “Create a Windows 7 Live CD…” with this method, but I always get a message like this:
    “First, you need to find all following files before you build.
    You can find some of them in http://ludovici.winbuilder.net, FileManager (FltMgr…) must be from xp sp3 or above.
    devcon.exe …”
    What is the reason for this message? Please reply to my eMail-adress “berndaugstein@onlinehome.de”

    1. Thomas says:

      AS I stated in the article you will have to post those kind of questions in the WinBuilder Forums. Or try the package I provided a link to.

  2. Rich says:

    We can’t help with cracked versions. Please purchase an original copy before asking for support.

  3. Uvais says:

    simple Q to every one can i make Live cd With my All soft which i installed in my OS

    1. Thomas says:

      You can, but it will take some serious scripting to install them all at once.
      However, if you install the Windows Live CD on a USB Flash drive that is Large enough (at least 16GB or more) you should be able to install any software onto the Flash Drive once you run it.

  4. Thomas says:

    you can use programs like Win2Flash to create a setupdisk from the rescue partition. Or track down your unique serial number (usually placed on the back of your computer) and download a copy of windows using your legal serial.

  5. Percuma88 says:

    Very obvious.
    mintywhite is the password (all lower case).

    1. Thomas says:

      Thanks for pointing that out.
      And yes it was supposed to be obvious :-)

  6. Thomas says:

    Ahh. I am so sorry.
    I forgot to include that piece of information.
    I had to set a password on the download, because my first share link got stopped on account of “too much traffic”. Can you believe it ?

    Password is: mintywhite (all lower case) as Percuma88 already told you :-)

    1. Rich says:

      Thanks Thomas. I’ve updated the guide to reflect this.

  7. Raj Raj says:

    Password: mintywhite

  8. Mastipower says:

    u can also do it via win2flash

  9. muhammad says:

    let me ask that is live cd is like usb you put in and you get the data , no installation of windows . nothing just plug and play right 

  10. wtf says:

    winbuilder you need to read needfiles (tools.txt) then go on

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