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Windows 7 Star IconsWindows 7 comes with several features that maybe you haven’t noticed. This post will show you some of these useful tools.

It may seem that operating system utilities are just for system administrators but that is not always true. Windows 7 offers some tools that may not solve great problems but can improve your productivity.

To start these programs we are going to use the search utility that appears when you press the WinKey.

windows 7 search utility

Sticky Notes

I am sure you are going to love this. How many times have you need to take a note and don’t have a paper to write down? Why not use your computer? Just search for sticky and the application appears.

Windows 7 Sticky Notes

Now you can type a message in the note.

Windows 7 Sticky Notes Hi everyone

The Complete Guide to Windows 7 Sticky Notes

Math Input Panel

In this case you have to type math.

Windows 7 Math Input Panel

If you write a math expresion look what you get:

Windows 7 Math Input Panel sum


Are you experiencing problems seeing your desktop? Are you entering on a webpage that is difficult to see?In this case type magnifier. This utility first appeared on Windows XP.

Windows 7 magnifier

You can also press WinKey + +, only press once, and the program will start.

Snipping Tool

Windows 7 Search Snipping tool

Do you have to take a snapshot of a portion of the screen? This is what this utility is about.

Windows 7 Snipping Tool Use

It allows you to save the area you select. You can select different kinds of areas.

Windows 7 Snipping Tool Options

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Problem Steps Recorder

Imagine you have a problem. You are explaining it to a friend, who has more knowledge about computers than you, but is very complicated to explain using just words. If you search for problem steps recorder you will find this useful utility.

Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder

With this utility you generate a MHT file that you can send to your friend. This sort of format, that is no more than a web page in a file, can be displayed using a browser.

See what this file looks like:

Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder Step 1

Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder Step 2

No more endless conversations about a problem and trying to describe a bizarre window or error message.

Use Problem Steps Recorder to Report Issues in Windows 7 [How To]

Speech Recognition

I know that this utility appears in Windows Vista, but as happens with the magnifier maybe you haven’t noticed it yet?

Windows 7 Speech Recognition

Tablet PC Input Panel

Do you know that your computer is capable of understanding your handwriting? Use this utility for this purpose.

Windows 7 Tablet PC Input Panel

When first using the tool, you need to personalize your handwriting. Type handwriting on the search box and follow the steps to help the tool learn your handwriting style.

What utilities did I miss?

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