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screenshot1 Watch the World Championship (soccer), or keep an eye on a website while working Have you ever had the need to keep an eye on a website or how about wanting to keep an eye on whats happening in the Soccer World Championship while working ? If you only have one monitor switching back and forth between windows isn’t very productive. Some programs like VLC Media Player have the option to always stay on top of your other windows. But not all programs have that feature. So what do you do ?

Lorenz Cuno Klopfenstein (or LcK amongst friends) decided he needed a solution that would let him have any application on top of his working window, no matter the program or content. And with the introduction of DWM in Vista – he started developing OnTopReplica.

OnTopReplica -

screen 2 0 region Watch the World Championship (soccer), or keep an eye on a website while working You can clone whatever window is on your screen and watch it in a small thumbnail that always keeps on top of all other windows (even if it hasn’t mouse focus). So you can watch a movie while your working or playing a game. On Top Replica will stay on top even if  your program takes focus and actually covers up the real media player.

Of course you can use it for several other things as well: like keeping track of a large download or a slow installation while doing something useful, peeking at the current track in your media player, keeping a document on top as reference etc.

Not just cloning

Basically what the software does is to clone the content of another window. But OnTopReplica does more. It allows you to choose a specific part of the window, so you don’t have to replicate the entire view. Also, you can choose transparency and even forward any mouse clicks to the window being replicated – without having to leave what you’re working on.

Want to know more ?

Well, then, just surf on over here.

Or, simply download it, and give it a go !

download64 Watch the World Championship (soccer), or keep an eye on a website while working

Download Here!

 Watch the World Championship (soccer), or keep an eye on a website while working

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  • TuneUp

    Wanting to look at two windows at once with only one monitor is often an issue for me, so this product sounds like it would be helpful! I’m glad I can use it with Windows Vista. Do you know if OneTopRepublica lets you view more than two windows at once?

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