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So you’re partial to using external hard drives as additional storage?  Do you have a drive that falls asleep every 10 minutes or so, causing explorer to go slow?  Well i feel
32_9_256x256x32 your pain, i do to.  I have a Maxtor Basics 500GB external hard drive that nods off more prolifically than a narcoleptic.

These disks are typically hard coded to do so too; so trying to keep the thing awake can be a pain.

I’ve tried plenty of Freeware apps that claim to keep your external disk from nodding off but NoSleepHD by Ashuto Agarwal is the best I’ve tried yet (and isn’t limited to working solely on external disks).

What NoSleepHD does, is that it writes an empty text file every few minutes to your external hard disk drive(s) to keep them from going into auto-sleep mode.

The nice things about NoSleepHD that many similar apps don’t have, is that you can choose up to 5 disks to keep awake and choose how often you want the file to be written to disk.

You also have a convenient checkbox to start this app with the system.  My only gripe with doing this, is that sometimes your external disk will acquire a different drive letter after a reboot.  If you keep your disk plugged in all the time and want assign a permanent letter to your drive, see here.

Here’s some screenshots for you to look at.  I’m sure you get the gist.

Download NoSleepHD v2.0

Download NoSleepHD v2.0

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3 thoughts on “NoSleepHD Stops your Hard Drives from Sleeping”

  1. ajax says:

    A simple Windows script will do this job easily, past the following into notepad and save as nosleep.vbs then set it to start with widows.


    DIM fso, File
    Do While 1>0
    Set fso = CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)
    Set File = fso.CreateTextFile(“H:No Usb Hard Disk Sleeping.txt”, True)
    WScript.Sleep 240000



  2. JazzMastaJim says:

    This program has been saved me a lot of headaches on my WinXP machine! However, it refuses to run, even in XP compatibility mode, on my new Win7 laptop. :-(

    1. RSVR85 says:

      It runs just fine on my Win7 system. Post your problem in the forums, we’ll try and help you there.

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