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Every now and then I come across something I want to download and find it’s been separated into multiple archives. This is usually done because the file size is large and, to avoid failed downloads, it’s split up into multiple pieces before it’s uploaded. The archive may also be split because the site on which it’s hosted restricts the maximum file size.

Case in point: the mintywhite 1003 font megapack is split into 20MB pieces so users are less likely to experience a failed download and have to start from the beginning (as many people don’t use download managers.)

This guide will show you how to extract multi-part archives like the mintywhite font megapack.

Note: This guide shows you how to extract these files with 7-zip. If you don’t already have it, please download 7-zip first.

Extract multi-part 001, 002 etc. Archives

If your download is in filename.001, filename.002 format, right click the file that ends in 001.

Click 7-Zip > Extract Here.

Extract multi-part part1, part2 etc. Archives

If your download is in filename.part1.rar, filename.part2.rar format, right click the file that ends in part1.rar and click Click 7-Zip > Extract Here.

Extract multi-part r00, r01 etc. Archives

If your download is in filename.r00, filename.r01, filename.rar format, right click the file that ends in .rar and click Click 7-Zip > Extract Here.

What extensions did I miss? Having trouble with extraction? Let us know in the comments.

If you’d like to create multi-part archives, follow this guide: Create Multi-part Archives to Split Large Files for Emailing, Writing to CD [How To]

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7 thoughts on “Extract Multi-part Archives (.000, .001, .r01, .r02) with 7-Zip [How To]”

  1. Dhiraj kumar Jha says:

    you were truly helpful

  2. Rich says:

    Multi-part archives are extracted from one “header” file.

  3. Corey Howard says:


  4. Kol_pro32 says:

    i down load boot part1.rar, part2.rar ,part3.rar … etc bur only 77 % are open not full ope ?

  5. Dino says:

     Are you retarded?

  6. Chri1sT says:

    wow it works thanks you

  7. Helvetica Baskin Robbins says:

    Doesn’t work.

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