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11If you’re not too keen on using the keyboard when selecting items in Windows Explorer, using check boxes should make your life much easier.

Using check boxes also complements using a single click to open items. Just pointing at items to select them can be frustrating and using check boxes relieves a lot of this frustration and makes things a little more precise.

We’ll cover both of these areas with this Quick-MintyTip as the method is the same.

Step 1.

Open any instance of Windows Explorer (WinKey+E) and press the Alt key. Go to the toolbar and click Tools > Folder options…


Step 2.

The Folder options properties window will display.  To change the default double click to open items into single click, click the Single-click to open an item radio button.


To use check boxes to select items, click on the View tab at the top of the window.  Under Advanced Settings, scroll to the bottom and check the Use check boxes to select items box and click OK.



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5 thoughts on “Use Check Boxes & Single-Click in Windows Explorer [Quick Tip]”

  1. manoj says:

    thats great feature.. thnx

  2. SRChiP says:

    I have been using checkboxes on my notebook for at least a year, after I saw it in Dolphin file manager in Linux.

  3. Ahmed Eltawil says:

    Wow, that single click option reminds me of Windows 98. I try to avoid anything that reminds me of past failures. Windows 7 works great out of the box by default. Wouldn't change or tweak a thing :)

  4. Anil says:


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