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Bluescreen BSOD Screensaver for Windows

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Blue Screen (BSOD)

I just found this screensaver. Any of you that have been using Windows for sometime will be familiar with this screen!

Get it here

If you would like to see some funny bluescreens, please visit my .

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2 Responses to “Bluescreen BSOD Screensaver for Windows”

  1. __o00o___C00D___o00o Says:

    This one too!! Good tips. Stumbled!

  2. that fuy Says:

    That isn’t even funny. I can only imagine walking over to my windows box, and having a heart attack. Oh no, my precious data! I’ll exclaim while putting a gun to my head.

    I’m totally putting this on one of my friends computers.

    Stumble Upon, I LIKE IT!


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