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A Lot of Windows Commands You Probably Don’t Know About

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By using Windows commands, you can have quick access to tools to configure and fix your computer. They also allow you quick access to Microsoft software embedded within your operating system. Some of these commands can be very useful. Some are not so useful but can be fun to try.

First lets bring up the “Run” box by holding the Windows Key and Pressing R
(This procedure is the same for both Windows XP and Vista.)

windows commands

Now type in one of the following commands to open a program. Note: Some of these shortcuts may not work properly – I’m not sure why.

windows commands

windows commands

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5 Responses to A Lot of Windows Commands You Probably Don’t Know About






One awesome feature I can’t live without in Vista is that you can press Start then start typing, instead of having to press “Run.” Thanks for this, I’ll print it out, because most commands I don’t know. ;)



Seems usefu! I’ll comment on how useful when I’ve had time to try some of the commands.

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