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List of Freeware Vista Tweaking Utilities

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Windows Vista Tweaks

There are some great programs out there - available to you for free - that will help you tweak Microsoft Windows Vista. Here are a list of the best programs available - now you don’t have to search for them and wonder if they are any good.

Please backup your files/create restore points etc before you use these files.

Thoosje Vista Tweaker V1.0

Thoosje Vista Tweaker is another fine freeware professional tool to Tweak and Optimize Windows Vista! It has some great features and over 50 tweaks that you can individually apply to tweak and optimize your Windows Vista Without having the knowledge of registry and system settings.

Thoosje Vista Tweaker V1.0

There is also an restore function build in to this program. You can easily set tweaks you applied to it’s original setting.


WinBubble has lot of Vista Tweaks, some quite unique ! Tweaks neatly classified under the following tabs: Icon Customizations, Security Tab, Optimize tab, IE Tools, General Tab, Specific Tab. Loads instantly, too. A Vista Tweaker, worth a checkout !


A small download which doesn’t require an install. HomePage.


Vista4Experts is for those who don’t want User Account Control dialogs, Security Center notifications, Automatic daily Windows Defender scanning’s, automatic update installations (causing reboots), etc. Many such fixes like these are included in Vista4Experts. All of these changes can be enabled or reversed later on.


Do note that many fixes here actually lower Vista’s defenses, so do apply the tweaks judiciously. HomePage.

Vista Tweaker

Vista Tweaker 0.5 Beta is a nice new easy-to-use tweak program. It works on XP and Vista, but there are tweaks that works only on Vista. The interface is clean and simple. Every tweak has its description so the user can see what each one does. There are some unique and uncommon tweaks too. The tweaks are neatly classified under System, UI, IE, Software, Network, Performance & Miscellaneous Tabs.

Vista Tweaker

This 330Kb freeware is worth a try! Download

XdN Tweaker : A Vista Tweaker

Have a look at this freeware utility; worth giving it a try ! Has some unique tweaks.

XdN Tweaker : A Vista Tweaker

Changes the number of Folder views Windows saves.
Resets the folder views Windows has saved.
Disable/Enable ‘SendTo’ right-click menu.
Allows you to adjust and tweak TCP/IP settings.
Put the File menu above the Back/Forward buttons in IE7.
Remove or Replace the Search box in IE7.
Disable/Enable User Account Control prompts under Vista.
Disable/Enable the “- Shortcut” text under Vista.
Attempt to force Vista to better save folder views.
Disable/Enable Windows Media Player Explorer context menus.
Add/Remove “Take Ownership” to right-click menus under Vista.
Disable/Enable the Documents item on the Classic Start Menu.
Changes “Delete” to “Search…” on Recycle Bin.
Turn off the annoying full screen “black” UAC prompt. …and more ! HomePage


DTweak also offers a freeware version. Its tweaks are conveniently tabbed under File tweaks, Daily Tools, Optimizations, System Tweaks, Customizations, etc. has a Registry Defragmenter too! Quite a few tweaks there. However, Colbond, a reader from Australia points out that MOST of the tweaks require you to buy the paid version, if you want to apply them.


Does take a little time to load, though ! Download DTweak Free.

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6 Responses to “List of Freeware Vista Tweaking Utilities”

  1. ajua Says:

    Hi. Thanks for taking the time to post about my program. I have one suggestion, can you please change the download link to http://www.ajuaonline.com/downloads/ this way i can keep a real track of downloads for my program. thanks and regards.

  2. naveed ahmad Says:

    hey you must check this out its anice gadget for vista
    http://rocketdock.com :)

  3. Rich Says:

    @ajua - I have updated the link. Thanks for stopping by.
    @Naveed - Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Ajay Says:

    thanks for these utilities

  5. Matt Ellsworth Says:

    you might also want to look at tweak vi - i was thrilled with it.

  6. Rich Says:

    @Ajay - You are welcome!
    @Matt - Thanks for the tip.

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