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Computer Boot Sounds Through the Ages

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Computer Boot Sounds Through the Ages

I just went through a bunch of my old OS discs and extracted the boot sounds; I want to share them with you. Some of these sounds really take me back. Do you have any you want to share? Here is what I have so far:

Thanks to Hunky Dork and Harry who contributed some more audio clips.

Boot/Logon Sounds

Play Windows 3.1 boot sound Windows 3.1
Play Windows 95 boot sound Windows 95
Play Windows 98 boot sound Windows 98
Play Windows NT boot sound Windows NT
Play Windows 2000 boot sound Windows 2000 (Thanks Harry)
Play Windows XP boot sound Windows XP (Thanks Hunky Dork)
Play Windows Vista Longhorn boot sound Windows Vista (”Longhorn Beta”)
Play Windows Vista boot sound Windows Vista (Thanks Harry)
Play Sega Dreamcast boot sound Sega Dreamcast
Play Apple II C boot sound Apple II C
Play Mac II boot sound Mac II

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6 Responses to Computer Boot Sounds Through the Ages



Very nice, Rich. I will check them.



thank you



thank you…2



like the old ones better than those today thats for sure



I prefer the new sounds

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