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Free Up A Lot More Space On Your Computer with CCleaner

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Running out of disk space? Been using your new computer for more than a month? It’s time to clean up!

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to clean up your computer and help it run more efficiently. (This guide is written for Windows XP and Vista.)

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23 Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Be Using

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Firefox Shortcut Keys

You probably spend a decent amount of time surfing the web - that’s why you’re here right now. In this guide we will learn 10 keyboard shortcuts you should be using with Firefox.

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StumbleUpon Shortcuts - Stumble More Efficiently!

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When you are stumbling, it can be inconvenient to click the stumble button, or press a thumbs up. In this guide we will learn how to use simple keyboard shortcuts to stumble and vote with ease.

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General Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

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windows shortcut keys

There are so many shortcut keys in Windows. These key combinations will help you improve your efficiency - saving you a lot of time!

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A Lot of Windows Commands You Probably Don’t Know About

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windows commands

By using Windows commands, you can have quick access to tools to configure and fix your computer. They also allow you quick access to Microsoft software embedded within your operating system. Some of these commands can be very useful. Some are not so useful but can be fun to try.

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