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60 Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys - Learn Some More Today

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Word Shortcut Keys

How many times have you used CTRL+X or CTRL+V today?

There are some shortcut keys you just can’t live without, and you probably already use them frequently. Learn some more shortcut keys today and use them to save you time in the future.

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Enable Aurora Boot Screen in Microsoft Windows Vista

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Aurora Boot Screen

The boot screen in Windows Vista is plain and lame. To change it follow these simple steps.

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Windows Easter Eggs You Really Should Try

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windows easter egg

A lot of programmers will put what is called an “Easter Egg” in their software. Think of these as the hidden menus you find on so many DVD’s these days, or a pocket you just found in that bag you’ve had for years. Some of these are functional, some are for fun, and some are outright mistakes (for this post’s purpose, we’ll classify them as fun Easter eggs.)

In this article we will find some of those Easter eggs embedded within Windows software.

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Install Windows Vista on Your Mac with Boot Camp

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windows boot camp

Apple computers now use Intel processors. This means it is possible to run Windows on the Apple hardware and Mac on Windows Hardware (Although Mac on a windows machine doesn’t always work too well.) In this guide we will learn how to put Windows Vista on your Mac.

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Stop Outlook/Outlook Express Asking For Your Password Every Time

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outlook password

I use Outlook at work and no matter how many times I check the Remember Password box, Outlook/Outlook Express does not remember my password and I have to type it every time. In this guide I have included a fix for this problem. This guide is for Windows XP an Vista users.

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A Lot of Windows Commands You Probably Don’t Know About

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windows commands

By using Windows commands, you can have quick access to tools to configure and fix your computer. They also allow you quick access to Microsoft software embedded within your operating system. Some of these commands can be very useful. Some are not so useful but can be fun to try.

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