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Nokia Text Messenger for Windows Vista (and Sidebar)

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Nokia Text Messenger for Windows Vista

This application fetches you the latest text messages from your connected Nokia device. Naturally, the latest messages are displayed first.

A gadget for Windows Vista, Nokia Text Messenger comes in two different sizes. If you want to place the application in your Windows Sidebar, you can opt for Nokia Text Messenger in a smaller size. The sidebar gadget lets you view three text messages at a time.

If you want Nokia Text Messenger in a slightly larger size, you can have it floating freely on your desktop. In this case, text messages can be browsed in groups of five.

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Vista RTM Activation Error Fiesta Ahead of SP1

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Vista RTM Activation Error Fiesta Ahead of SP1

Microsoft’s latest Windows client brought to the table in November 2006 (for businesses) and in January 2007 (for the general consumers) a revamped activation architecture. But most importantly, Windows Vista features an intimate connection with Microsoft’s Windows Genuine Advantage anti-piracy mechanism, as well as the Reduced Functionality Mode kill-switch designed to cut access to products detected as non-genuine or that failed to activate properly. But despite the fact that Microsoft was applauding a more flexible, accurate and secure activation process in comparison to Windows XP, the fact of the matter is that the latest Windows client did manage to produce its fair share of frustration to end users.

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List of Freeware Vista Tweaking Utilities

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Windows Vista Tweaks

There are some great programs out there - available to you for free - that will help you tweak Microsoft Windows Vista. Here are a list of the best programs available - now you don’t have to search for them and wonder if they are any good.

Please backup your files/create restore points etc before you use these files.

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Complete Resource for Freeware Office Applications

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Office Application freeware - this list completes all your office needs without spending a penny.

Check out more freeware on www.mintywhite.com.

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Make User Account Control (UAC) Stop Blacking Out the Screen

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Stop User Account Control blacking out the screen in Windows Vista

Have you noticed that when Windows Vista prompts you to allow a program to take action, that the screen blacks out? This is to show you that you are moving to an elevated desktop - where you will allow the program to continue. This can be annoying but you can disable this feature.

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Download Free Vista/XP Virtual Desktops PowerToy

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Download Free Vista SP1 Infinite Desktops PowerToyThe Vista/XP Virtual Desktop Manager is a PowerToy designed to compensate for the limitations associated with the boundaries of a single desktop. The tool is designed to support Windows Vista RTM and Windows XP SP2, but it also integrates seamlessly with Vista Service Pack 1 and on the same line with the third and final service pack for XP, which does not bring such a consistent evolution to the table in comparison with SP2. But either on Vista or on XP, the tool enables users to run virtually an infinite number of desktops, with the only limits imposed by the amount of RAM.

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