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Windows Pranks You Can Play on Your Friends

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Bored? Want to play a prank on some of your friends? Well get a few minutes with their PC and have some fun as you watch them come back and try even a simple task.

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StumbleUpon Trick to Get More of What You Want

Firefox, Fun 1 Comment »


Every time you click the Stumble! button, you are presented with a web page on one of the topics you specified earlier. Sometimes you want more control over what kind of pages you’d like to browse through.
To do this, you will need to enable the SumbleUpon search feature, which allows you to surf through web pages on a single topic of your liking until you specify otherwise.

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6 Ways to Waste Time - And You Don’t Even Have to Move

Firefox, Fun 2 Comments »

Waste Time

Let’s face it — we love to waste time. We love to relax and lets our minds wander. Now we’ve got that out of the way… lets waste some time!!

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Bluescreen BSOD Screensaver for Windows

Fun, Screensavers, Vista, XP 2 Comments »

Blue Screen (BSOD)

I just found this screensaver. Any of you that have been using Windows for sometime will be familiar with this screen!

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Bad Timing - Windows Error Screen Pictures

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windows error blue screen

I just got these in my e-mail. I am sure you have seen many of them, but take time to enjoy the wonders of Microsoft. You should also check out Windows Quirks You Really Should Try.

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Make Windows XP Look Like Vista

XP 1 Comment »

Many of you may like the look of Vista, but don’t want to pay for the upgrades to both your hardware and your operating system. In this guide I will show you how to make Windows XP look like Vista. This is a really simple guide.

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