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Create a Transparent Favicon for Your Website

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Transparent Favicon

Are you a webmaster who would like to create an icon for your website that will show when someone adds your page as a bookmark?

Do you already have one, but dislike the white box that surrounds your icon?

If so, this guide is for you.
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How To Access Websites That Require You to Login, Without Logging In

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When you search on Google, often you click on an applicable result - to find that you arrive at a registration page.

The reason is that there are some websites that allow Google to browse for content, but not you.

With this easy hack, you can disguise yourself as Google by changing your browser’s identity (named user agent) to Googlebot.

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Add IMDB, Amazon, eBay, and More to your Firefox Search Box

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Firefox Search Engines

This is a simple tip that will allow you to quickly search your favorite website without even going there.

Want to check a price on Amazon? Want to find out if the movie you’re planning to see this weekend is any good? This can be made a lot easier by following these simple steps.

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23 Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Be Using

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Firefox Shortcut Keys

You probably spend a decent amount of time surfing the web - that’s why you’re here right now. In this guide we will learn 10 keyboard shortcuts you should be using with Firefox.

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Apply a Theme to Firefox - Stand out from the Crowd

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Firefox Themes

This is a simple modification, with great results. Just like you can apply a theme in Windows, you can apply a theme to Mozilla Firefox. Follow these easy steps and within minutes you’ll have a new look for your browser.

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StumbleUpon Shortcuts - Stumble More Efficiently!

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When you are stumbling, it can be inconvenient to click the stumble button, or press a thumbs up. In this guide we will learn how to use simple keyboard shortcuts to stumble and vote with ease.

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