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Add IMDB, Amazon, eBay, and More to your Firefox Search Box

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Firefox Search Engines

This is a simple tip that will allow you to quickly search your favorite website without even going there.

Want to check a price on Amazon? Want to find out if the movie you’re planning to see this weekend is any good? This can be made a lot easier by following these simple steps.

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Slim down your Vista install. 15GB? More like 1.5GB!

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Are you always trying to improve the performance of your PC? This piece of software isn’t for the average user, but if you’re feeling adventurous, I recommend you try it.

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Apply a Theme to Firefox - Stand out from the Crowd

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Firefox Themes

This is a simple modification, with great results. Just like you can apply a theme in Windows, you can apply a theme to Mozilla Firefox. Follow these easy steps and within minutes you’ll have a new look for your browser.

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Mac Like Window Rotation in Windows Vista

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The Windows Vista Aero window rotation is nice but it’s not for everyone. This small piece of software will allow you to rotate windows similar to the way OS X does.

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A Lot of Windows Commands You Probably Don’t Know About

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windows commands

By using Windows commands, you can have quick access to tools to configure and fix your computer. They also allow you quick access to Microsoft software embedded within your operating system. Some of these commands can be very useful. Some are not so useful but can be fun to try.

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10 Ways To Improve Performance in Windows XP

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improve xp performance

Personally, I don’t see the point in upgrading your hardware if your computer does everything you need it to. However, sometimes it’s nice to improve what you already have. In this guide we will learn how to make the most out of the hardware you have and make windows XP run faster.

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