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Free Matrix Desktop Screensaver [Featured Download]

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There are hundreds of Matrix-style screensavers available online. However, many are not free and many come packed with a virus to keep you busy, repairing your computer, on the weekend! Here is a free screensaver that comes with some nice extra features.

Matrix Screensaver 1

The screensaver takes your username and, in true Matrix style, delivers you a message:

Matrix Screensaver 2

Then it takes the name of the PC you are using… how smart.

Matrix Screensaver 3

I still haven’t found the white rabbit.

Matrix Screensaver 4

There are many options to choose from to personalize the screensaver to your desires.

Matrix Screensaver 5

For example: Pink writing and your choice of ‘console’ image.

Matrix Screensaver 6

Download Matrix Screensaver

Download Matrix Screensaver

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