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Introducing the New Windows XP

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Windows Embedded

On April 25, 2008, Microsoft introduced the next version of its Windows XP operating system, detailing revamped plans for the business built around the platform, a brand overhauling and the road map for upcoming products. However, the desktop version of Windows XP got no play as the Redmond company focused entirely on the embedded version of the platform. The
Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley 2008 in San Jose was also synonymous with the introduction of the Windows Embedded Ready, a brand umbrella for the company’s forthcoming key device products.

“With today’s strategic road map announcement, our aim is to present the evolving Windows Embedded product family in an intuitive fashion, making it easier for our customers to choose the right platforms and tools for their needs. Windows Embedded solutions for key device categories will energize our partner ecosystem by enabling new business scenarios and help lay the foundation for partners to successfully fulfill our vision of a new generation of smart, connected, service-oriented devices,” revealed Kevin Dallas, general manager of the Windows Embedded Business at Microsoft.

As a direct consequence of the changes, Windows XP Embedded will become Windows Embedded Standard. But Windows Embedded Standard is more than just a label, pointing to the next generation of Windows XP Embedded. Microsoft stated that Windows Embedded Standard is scheduled for availability concomitantly with Tech•Ed North America as of June 3. But at the same time Microsoft has more changes coming to the Windows Embedded business.

“Windows Embedded Compact. The next generation of Windows Embedded CE. The next product release is currently forecast for 2009. Windows Embedded Enterprise. A fully application-compatible embedded operating system that over time will gain a broader set of embedded enabling features. Today this product group is composed of Windows Vista and Windows XP for Embedded Systems and is licensed exclusively for embedded device development. Windows Embedded POSReady. The next generation of Windows Embedded for Point of Service. The next product release is currently forecast for 2009,” Microsoft added.


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