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Apply a Theme to Firefox - Stand out from the Crowd

Mozilla Firefox Guides Add comments

Firefox Themes

This is a simple modification, with great results. Just like you can apply a theme in Windows, you can apply a theme to Mozilla Firefox. Follow these easy steps and within minutes you’ll have a new look for your .

First, go to Menu > Tools > Add-ons

A window will show, click on the Themes Tab and click Get Themes

Firefox Themes

You will be taken to the Mozilla Firefox theme page. Browse the themes, find one you like and click on the Install Now button. After a restart, you will have a fresh look for your .

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7 Responses to Apply a Theme to Firefox - Stand out from the Crowd



Wow that was easy and I think my Firefox looks so much better, so thank you .



My friend told me about this page; I don’t know much about computers, but this was easy to follow and I got it to work…


Randolph Higgins

I prefer the default, non-bloated FF3 theme



Cool I only began using Firefox today and I am going to definitely get a theme for it now.



Very Dangerous, did no on check to see if there is a “DIGITAL” signature with 3rd party themes? If it unverified, which is normally the case absolutely anything could be crawling around your computer! The same goes for Vista Gadgets, yes it may look pretty, if your new to the web and got a spanking new computer, you will get bitten! NEVER INSTALL ANYTHING THAT IS NOT VERIFIED, DIGITALLY SIGNED!



Chris, thanks for the heads up!



The best theme is walnut. here is the link https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/122

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