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Best Windows Freebies and Guides 10 [January 2009]

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Best Windows Freebies and Guides 10Every month we take a look around some of the most interesting windows-related web sites. We collect the best free stuff and write tips to help you get more out of Windows. Below you’ll find wallpapers, icon packs, fonts, screensavers, and freeware we’ve found over the last 30 days. We’ve also put together our most popular windows guides.

Enjoy the overview of stuff you shouldn’t have missed in January 2009

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Desktop Wallpapers (More Wallpapers)

Desktop Wallpaper Showcase 28 - 4

Desktop Wallpaper Showcase 28 - 5

Desktop Wallpaper Showcase 28 - 6

Desktop Wallpaper Showcase 28 - 7

Desktop Wallpaper Showcase 28 - 8

Desktop Wallpaper Showcase 28 - 9

Desktop Wallpaper Showcase 28 - 11

Desktop Wallpaper Showcase 28 - 12

Desktop Wallpaper Showcase 28 - 13

Desktop Wallpaper Showcase 28 - 14

Desktop Wallpaper Showcase 28 - 15

Desktop Wallpaper Showcase 28 - 16

Desktop Wallpaper Showcase 27 - 8

Desktop Wallpaper Showcase 27 - 20

Desktop Wallpaper Showcase 27 - 9

Desktop Wallpaper Showcase 27 - 10

Desktop Wallpaper Showcase 27 - 11

Desktop Wallpaper Showcase 27 - 14

Desktop Wallpaper Showcase 27 - 15

Desktop Wallpaper Showcase 27 - 16

Desktop Wallpaper Showcase 27 - 17

Desktop Wallpaper Showcase 27 - 18

Desktop Wallpaper Showcase 27 - 19

Icon Packs (More Icon Packs)

Niome Icon Pack

Icons Showcase 1

Radium Neue

Icons Showcase 2


Icons Showcase 3


Icons Showcase 4

The City

Icons Showcase 5

Vista Style

Icons Showcase 6


Icons Showcase 7


Icons Showcase 8

Autumn Breeze

Icons Showcase 9

Crystal B&W

Icons Showcase 10

Apple (Various)

Icons Showcase 11

Email Me

Icons Showcase 12


Icons Showcase 13


Icons Showcase 14

Google and Facebook

Icons Showcase 15


Icons Showcase 16

Pixel Press

Icons Showcase 17

Fruity Apples

Icons Showcase 18

Aesthetica Icon Set

Icons Showcase 19

Light Icons Set

Icons Showcase 20

Fonts (More Fonts)

Santos Dumont

Free Fonts for Windows

Sketch Rockwell

Free Fonts for Windows

Splinter 2

Free Fonts for Windows


Free Fonts for Windows


Free Fonts for Windows

Retro Rock Poster

Free Fonts for Windows

My Turtle

Free Fonts for Windows


Free Fonts for Windows

WC Wunderbach Mix BTA

Free Fonts for Windows

Detroit Ghetto

Free Fonts for Windows

Octin Spraypaint

Free Fonts for Windows

Chocolat Bleu

Free Fonts for Windows

Screensavers (More Screensavers)

Matrix in Reality

Free Windows Screensavers 3

The Matrix

Free Windows Screensavers 4

The One Ring

Free Windows Screensavers 6


Free Windows Screensavers 7

Glow Bubbles

Free Windows Screensavers 9

RSS Saver

Free Windows Screensavers 10

Freeware (More Freeware)

Tutorials & Guides (More Guides: XP | Vista)


Further Reading:

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7 Responses to Best Windows Freebies and Guides 10 [January 2009]



Who would use Auschwitz as wallpaper? Seems digusting to me…



thank a lot.
i have some questions about computer hardware and so please mails me about hard wares and its usage and so more application.
Thank again for your kindness

Your faithfully



Very useful high resolution wallpapers and cool icons thanks for sharing .


John Handsd

This is a superb site keep up the good work.



very good work



I will use Auschwitz as wallpaper for remembering 6 million victims..

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