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Who Wants a FREE Blog on MyWindowsPC.com?

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To get a blog on MyWindowsPC.com, do the following:

  1. Sign up at mywindowspc.com (the social network for nerds)
  2. Be one of the first two hundred (200) to make 20 friends

Once 200 people have made 20+ friends, you’ll be contacted with simple setup information.

Your blog and updates will be posted, in real time, to the main feed on mywindowspc.com, which means free exposure for you!


The 200 winners will also get an @mywindowspc.com email address with 7GB+ of storage!

Further Reading:

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2 Responses to Who Wants a FREE Blog on MyWindowsPC.com?


Bren Wager

I love this site!! I had aquired 19 friends in about 8 hours and when I got up this morning had my 20th. I like
mywindowspc.com because we all share common interests. The groups are very informative.




I can’t wait to get my blog. I’m hoping to transfer one of my groups to a blog. I just wish I didn’t have to wait so long.

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