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Windows Media Center – One Remote Control, Many Uses

Posted by Deck Hazen On August - 24 - 2010

There were a number of surprise benefits I found upon making the conversion to Windows Media Center.

They don’t hype this much in the Microsoft literature on WMC, but I find the switch from 6 remote controls to just 1 a huge benefit. No more flailing around to set the TV to the right input, and the DVR to the right mode, and Sky box to the right channel etc. etc. It’s all right there on my new remote best friend.

The “Before” and “After” shots are below.

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Xbox 360 Slim Review

Posted by Stu On August - 22 - 2010

Xbox360 030

It’s been a while since the new Xbox 360 Slim was released.  I’ve been keenly reading reviews and watching screencasts on Microsoft’s new games console.  In particular I’ve been watching out for RROD issues and comparisons to the Xbox 360 Classic

I came across Paul Thurrott’s review last month, it’s one of the best on the web I’ve read and I’d like to share it with mintywhite readers.

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3 Great Freeware Font Management Programs

Posted by Thomas On August - 21 - 2010

Are you a fan of fonts? I know I am. And if you have visited this site for some time, you will no doubt be sitting on a huge pile of free fonts. Now, Windows doesn’t have a specific number of maximum allowed fonts you can enable (or install) – but installing each and every one you own at once, will increase boot time and may slow your system down to snail pace…There are many applications out there that will help you to manage your fonts by enabling the font you need – when you need it. The best programs also help you sort your fonts for easier management. The best ones, aren’t free (usually), and those who are, doesn’t always give you what you want, or need.For many years now I’ve been using a Font Management Program originally developed for the MAC platform called SuitCase. All though they have a free version, their best (and most functional, and costly) version is the paid version. Needing to upgrade my SuitCase Program I started out searching for a free tool that could replace it. Hoping to find at least one – I ended up with three promising alternatives. Read the rest of this entry »

My PC is looking more and more like Medusa these days.  With a never ending need for additional storage i find my self using multiple external hard drives.  Not to mention my iPhone, iPod, Printer, Thumb drives & camera.SNAGHTML52e09ca

So I went and bought a 6-into-1 USB adapter.  This thing was dirt cheap and i knew it was only USB 1.1.  I rarely sync my iPod and my camera is only on to charge so 1.1, for the money was ok with me.

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Share Files Between Your Host Machine and XP Mode [How To]

Posted by Rich On August - 13 - 2010

When you’re using Windows XP Mode in Windows 7, you’ll likely need to access files on your host (Windows 7) machine. Luckily, Windows Virtual PC makes this really easy and there’s not much you have to do. In this guide, I’ll show you how to access your files in the intended way and also show you a trick that will make file sharing between the two operating systems even easier. Specifically, this guide covers the following topics:

  • Basic file sharing.
  • Customizing file sharing.
  • Sharing removable devices (USB drives.)
  • Send files to your host machine via the “Send to” menu.

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We’ve posted how to Jailbreak (JB) your iDevice before. With the release of iOS 4, inevitably a Jailbreak and unlock was only a matter of time. Here’s a list of devices that this JB will work on.  Please note that you’ll need to be connected to a WIFI network to complete this guide.


All iPod Touch models on 3.1.2, 3.1.3, 4.0 & 4.0.1 Firmware


All iPhone models on 3.1.2, 3.1.3, 4.0 & 4.0.1 Firmware


All iPad models on 3.2 & 3.2.1 Firmware

(MC Models & New Boot Rom included)

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