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The Situation: You’re doing some work that requires a bunch of images and you’ve found a site that has some great free images that would work very nicely. To get each of the images, however, you need to go through a bunch of steps. First you gotta locate a screen that tells you what’s available — a “thumbnail” screen usually:

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Best Remote Access Applications

Posted by Rich On November - 1 - 2010

We are now in an age where we can realistically expect to have access to every: photo we’ve ever taken, song we’ve ever purchased, document we’ve written, and anything else stored on our computer. Many of us have a computer at home (usually an older computer) that we refer to as our server. On or attached to this server is all the media we have to our name. In this guide, we explore top five remote access applications available to help you get to this, and other, information. These applications can be used to:

  • Have a multi-PC meeting.
  • Have access to your own PCs wherever you are.
  • Help a friend with their PC.
  • Have desktop access to your PCs on your home network.

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Free eBook: Programming Windows Phone 7

Posted by Stu On October - 29 - 2010

This book is a gift from the Windows Phone 7 team at Microsoft to the programming community, and I am proud to have been a part of it. Within the pages that follow, I show you the basics of writing applications for Windows Phone 7 using the C# programming language with the Silverlight and XNA 2D frameworks.

Yes, Programming Windows Phone 7 is truly a free download, but for those readers who still love paper—as I certainly do—this book will also be available (for sale) divided into two fully-indexed print editions: Microsoft Silverlight Programming for Windows Phone 7and Microsoft XNA Framework Programming for Windows Phone 7. [Note from Devon: we should have these ready for order in December 2010.]

The second part of this book focuses entirely on Silverlight, and the third part on XNA 2D. For your convenience, the chapters in each part build upon previous knowledge in a progressive tutorial narrative, and hence are intended to be read sequentially.

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Microsoft Security Essentials Now Available on Windows Update

Posted by Taylor Ling On October - 28 - 2010


I must admit that I am a big fan of Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE). Since Microsoft has the most popular consumer operating system in the world, why don’t they take up the responsibility in releasing a security program for their users for free? Of course, I am aware that Microsoft has previously released a few – less noticeable security programs, like Windows Defender (pre-installed in Windows Vista/7 and will be disabled if the user installs MSE) and Windows Live OneCare (which was a paid subscription and discontinued), but most Windows users still prefer to use some free security software offered by third parties (and most of them are ad-supported), due to various reasons. Don’t be surprised that some of new PC users aren’t aware of the importance of a security product for Windows, and some don’t have security software installed (and they aren’t aware that they are exposed to the various threats during browsing), so it is pretty important (and I think it’s quite fundamental) for Microsoft to have a competitive in-house security program for all Windows users, for free of course, and the answer is Microsoft Security Essentials. Read the rest of this entry »

Prism: Run Any Site as Standalone Applications

Posted by Thomas On October - 28 - 2010

Thanks to advances in web technology, you can these days get tons of free Web Applications to suit your every need. These applications are increasingly powerful and usable. As a result, applications like Gmail, Facebook and Google Docs are soaring in popularity.

Unfortunately the web browser, which was originally designed for reading documents, is not an ideal environment for running applications. It is frustrating and time-consuming to wade through a mass of browser windows and tabs just to find your email client. Unstable applications can slow down or crash your entire browser. And many of the conveniences offered by modern operating systems are unavailable to Web Applications running in the browser.

Introducing PRISM…

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1 Star1 Star1 Star1 Star0 Star4,5 out of 5 Windows 7Windows VistaWindows XPmac

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Best Free FTP Programs

Posted by Rich On October - 25 - 2010

If you own a website, have a home network, or otherwise need to transport files between two PCs, you’ve likely come across File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and FTP programs. I’ve used 20 or so FTP programs over the last 12 years and there are literally hundreds, if not thousands available. In this article, I list my top five. If you know of a program you really like, which is not here, let us know in the comments.

You may also want to check out:

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