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Make Your Workspace More Productive and More Comfortable [How To]

Posted by Deck Hazen On April - 22 - 2011

In my last article (An Explanation of the Pros and Cons of Using RAID on Your Computer), we discussed the problem of heat build-up during the very hot Auckland summer months and how a RAID 5 configuration with 4 disks can sustain the failure of a single disk. RAID protections provide one part of what should be an overall strategy to protect your data and your computer from heat.

In this piece we divert a bit from our standard hardware/software fare and look at the computing environment as a whole. We will postulate that a tidy workspace is, in fact, a happy workspace and suggest a few tricks to make your work-space more productive and more comfortable.

The three biggest factors driving the design of my workspace are heat, noise and clutter. If I can minimise these three and maximize my computing power and productivity (all within family budget constraints, of course), I will have archived the objective.

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For those of you tuned in from around the world – welcome. I’m a Kiwi (a person from New Zealand) and this article was written primarily to address NZ Windows Media Center users lack of access to the Electronic Program Guide from Sky Broadcasting.

Having said that, there are topics covered herein that could well be of use to others beyond the borders of New Zealand. Our primary tool in this article is “Big Screen EPG” that’s now being used by many people around the world to push the contents of an XMLTV file (the EPG information) into the Windows Media Center database. If this sort of thing is of interest to you, please read on.

Did you miss the previous posts in this series?

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Actual Multiple Monitors, The way Windows Should Work

Posted by Thomas On August - 25 - 2010

Actual Multiple Monitors is a software utility offering the unique set of productivity tools aimed to enhance the usability of Windows user interface when working with multi-monitor configurations (dual, triple and more).

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NAME: Actual Multiple Monitors

PROS: A Complete Taskbar on every monitor, which gives you total control.

CONS: It’s not free

VERDICT: This is by far the best Multi Monitor System I’ve ever encountered. I love the endless possibilities, and control it gives me.

PRICE: $29,95



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Do you empty your recycle-bin every time you put files into it, or do you leave it be, just in case you delete something that you might just need later on ? Problem with keeping the bin filled, is that you don’t actually save any disk-space.

With RecycleBinEx you can now take total control over the bin. With this tool you can control which files get deleted (delete old ones, keep the newest added) and if you run dual-boot systems (on the same disk) you can delete bins from other Windows installments as well.

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Useful Software Review Reminders

Posted by Thomas On June - 19 - 2010

If you have been a regular reader here the last 6 months you have undoubtedly read many interesting articles and reviews. Some of which you thought: “Hey, that may come in handy one day, I’ll have to remember about that one”. If you are a new visitor here, you have no doubt missed out on many great programmes. Reading through all the 127 pages containing some 1200 articles will take time.

I have compiled a list of some of the software reviews that I’ve done and which I think deserves a new moment in the spotlight. Where possible I have checked to see if there have been updates and improvements since last.

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Hack InPrivate Browsing [How To]

Posted by Angel Luis On June - 15 - 2010

Do you think your girlfriend/boyfriend is cheating on you? Are your children visiting webs and you don’t know anything about?

Many features we find in modern software are very useful, but sometimes, is complicated to know what they actually do.

InPrivate Browsing is of this kind. The name itself drives to confusion. If you haven’t read about it, you might think is a sort of protection over your privacy on Internet.

To complicate the things a bit, the browser even comes with two new modes with similar names, InPrivate Browsing and InPrivate Filtering.

This is what Microsoft tell us about InPrivate Browsing:

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