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Triple/Quad-Boot Your PC With Windows, Ubuntu, & Mac OSX

Posted by Mike On November - 2 - 2009

In this guide I’m going to walk you through installing 3 or 4 separate operating systems on one PC – ideal for someone who wants to try out all of them on the same hardware or learn an operating system other than Windows. There are five basic steps to making this work:

  1. Configuring your disk partitions to hold 3 or 4 different operating systems.
  2. Installing your preferred version(s) of Windows.
  3. Installing Mac OSX. (Not surprisingly, this is the longest step)
  4. Installing Linux Ubuntu.
  5. Configuring the GRUB boot loader to include all OS partitions.

Setting up Your Disk Partitions

This is the first and in my opinion most important step to setting up a multiple-boot system. Unless you are using third-party software, changing partitions can really screw up your system, as certain actions are not allowed in Windows’ Disk Management program (combining empty space to the left of the system partition, etc.). I like to set up the partitions for EVERY operating system before I start. This way there is no creating/splitting/combining partitions later in the process. There are three different disk managers for the three different types of operating system, so things could potentially get out of hand very quickly.

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Windows Forums on the iPhone and iPod Touch

Posted by Rich On October - 18 - 2009

Windows Forums on the iPhone 1If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, you can now use Windows Forums on it. In this guide, you’ll learn how to set your iPhone up to browse the forums.

There was some previous interest for Windows Forums on the iPhone and to be honest, I was hoping something like this would come along because I didn’t want to customize the forums myself only to find a professional solution was in the works. I have no idea how long this app has been out, but after a search for “phpbb” (the software on which Windows Forums runs) on the Apple App Store, this was the only solution I could find.

Please note: In this guide, I show you the Lite version of the app. You can buy the normal version for $0.99 USD, which enables private messaging and removes the “Posted with TouchBB Lite” message at the bottom of each post (well, probably, but I haven’t tried.) Read the rest of this entry »

Best Windows Freebies and Guides 14 [May 2009]

Posted by Rich On May - 31 - 2009

Best Windows Freebies and Guides 14Every month we take a look around some of the most interesting windows-related web sites. We collect the best free stuff and write tips to help you get more out of Windows. Below you’ll find wallpapers, icon packs, fonts, screensavers, and freeware we’ve found over the last 31 days. We’ve also put together our most popular windows guides.

Enjoy the overview of stuff you shouldn’t have missed in May 2009

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Seven Days with Windows 7: Making it Functional

Posted by Rich On February - 2 - 2009

Windows Forums member, MSherwood spent seven days using Windows 7 and nothing else. In this two-part series, he shares his impressions, likes, dislikes, and recommendations for Windows 7. The second part of this series covers program installation and feature exploration.

Check the first of this two-part series.

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