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Microsoft recently released a rather interesting beta the other day, called: Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool. This is a tool designed to rescue and fix computers that cannot boot into windows. These days, many viruses, malware and what not target the boot sector of your hard drive, rendering the computer unbootable. And in many cases also unfixable to the windows Startup Repair Tool found on the Setup disk.

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Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool

This new tool is NOT a new antivirus or malware detector, but a tool to use once the problem is a fact. So naturally I would advice you to download it now, and keep it on a flash drive, or a CD. The only problem I foresee is to remember where that CD was put or on which usb pen you stored it.

In addition to help solve boot problems, Microsoft also promise that this new tool can be used to solve problems regarding your current anti-virus program whether it cannot be installed or that windows cannot detect it.

What it does

The Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool first scans your boot sector for any corrupted files or settings. It then scans your system for any known malware or infections.

64 bit and 32 bit

Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool comes in both flavours (32 and 64 bit) and supports XP (SP3), Vista and 7.
Get more information here: http://connect.microsoft.com/systemsweeper


Download 32 Bit Version

Download 32 Bit Version

Download 64 Bit Version

Download 64 Bit Version



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3 thoughts on “Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool”

  1. Ferenc Sztanya says:

    This useful tool is a part of MSDaRT.

  2. Rfjohn13 says:

    I used the 64 bit and it found bad dude.  I can not get the 32 bit to work on my other machines.  They are win xp pro.  Has someone had this problem?

  3. Alexandra Lawrenz says:

    tool is great because it is easy to use and even easier to store since you have the option of keeping it on a
    CD or a flash drive. It’s very appealing that the tool can solve your currents
    problems with your anti-virus software as well. Providing links to download
    either the 32 bit or 64 bit is very useful since some users aren’t sure which
    version of Windows they have on their PC. Being able to use it without starting
    up into Windows is also handy since sometimes your machine is so infected it
    won’t even start.  If you want to
    understand how to download Microsoft’s Sweeper System, you can  see this blog post: http://bit.ly/qyczwf

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