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Windows, by default, put a small arrow on shortcuts to indicate they are a shortcut and not a file. This feature is very useful and can help you determine what type of file you are dealing with. If you are customizing your desktop or a folder, you may not want these shortcut overlay icons as they may ruin your design. In this guide, you’ll learn how to remove the icons from the shortcuts with a simple program.

Using Vista Shortcut Manager

A simple solution to removing shortcut overlay icons is to use Vista Shortcut Manager. This program is a small download and allows you to customize the icon or remove it completely. Examples of the effects of this program are seeing below:

The program allows you to simply choose which style icon you want:

Shortcut Overlay Customize 1

This is how the standard shortcut overlay looks:

Shortcut Overlay Customize 2

This is how the overlay looks with a light arrow:

Shortcut Overlay Customize 3

This is how the overlay looks with no arrow:

Shortcut Overlay Customize 4

Download Vista Shortcut Manager

Download Vista Shortcut Manager (Vista 32 bit only)

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