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PROS: Simple and easy to use, Multi-platform support, Cloud synchronization, Easy task sharing.


VERDICT: By far the best task management application that marries both simplicity and elegance.



DOWNLOAD: wunderlist

wunderlist Features

WunderlistLooking for a simple task management tool that you can access anywhere, either on your smartphone, Windows PC, tablets etc.? wunderlist might be just your thing.

A product from 6wunderkind, a Berlin-based company, wunderlist aimed to provide a simple and user friendly task management experience which can be synchronized across almost all of your mobile devices, and your computer, be it a Windows PC or an Apple Mac. Currently they have the wunderlist app for iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad), Android devices (1.6 above), Windows PC (XP, Vista and 7), and Mac (OSX 10 and above). They also have a web-based wunderlist, which is very useful especially when you are using a public computer, or using an unsupported operating system eg. Linux-based distro. No news for Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry yet, but don’t be disappointed, they are currently hiring now, so I am expecting some surprises in the near future.

Simple and Easy-to-use UI

2011-05-12 21h07_04Wunderlist features a very clean and simple user interface, which is (a lot) less complicated for task management use. Simply type in your upcoming task and press Enter; your task is saved—it’s that simple. Wanted to set a deadline for your task? No problem. Click on the calendar icon and pick your deadline. Make it top of the list so that you can quickly see which task has higher priority? Easy, just click on the star icon, and you are good to go.

Besides that, if you prefer to manage tasks in category, wunderlist also allows the user to create multiple list for different kind of tasks. One for work, one for home, one for shopping etc.—you do the thinking job. Feeling greenish today? Just change the background to suit your mood. How about adding extra information like hyperlink or notes on certain to-dos? You got it. Simply click on the note icon, and add any text in it.

Multiple-device Synchronization Ready

2011-05-12 21h33_06If you have more than one device running wunderlist, I bet you wouldn’t want to duplicate all the tasks manually by yourself. Thanks to the synchronization feature, the task you added on your computer will appear in your mobile device automatically after the synchronization, so you can always check your task list whenever you go. Learn more about their powerful cloud synchronization.

No Access to wunderlist? Email to Add a Task!

2011-05-12 21h31_27If you’re unable to access wunderlist for whatever reason, but still can do some emailing, you won’t miss out on much. One good thing about wunderlist is that you can also add task to your account via email. Simply send it to me@wunderlist.com from your email account used to register wunderlist, you will have the task appear on the list when you run wunderlist later – Sweet! Learn how to send email to add task from their website.

Prefer to Work on Paper? wunderlist can Handle it!

2011-05-12 21h25_43‘No, I don’t like to look at the screen for all my to-dos, I prefer a paper-based one.’ Although it doesn’t sound too environmentally friendly, wunderlist also caters for those who prefer a printed to-do list. Simply add all your tasks to a list and print them. All the information like due date and notes will be included on the print out, and did I mentioned that the print out is really nice to look at?

Task Sharing is Easy with wunderlist

2011-05-12 21h20_27Want to show your colleague (or boss) the number of tasks you have? One feature that is available on the Windows, Mac OS, and web-based wunderlist is the task sharing options. You can choose to publish your tasks via CloudApp to generate a public web link (which lasts for 30 days), so you can share your task with anyone, as long as they have the link. Don’t want to work alone and seek for collaboration from your colleagues? No problem. You can also share your list of tasks to your colleagues that have a wunderlist account for collaboration – you will never be alone anymore.


In my opinion, wunderlist is by far the best task management application that marries both simplicity and elegance. With the price of nil, no ads (hopefully they won’t add them in the future), and multi-platform support, there is really nothing to complaint about wunderlist. With the recent release of wunderlist 1.2 on the Windows and their recent hiring, it will not be long before we see new and improved features in wunderlist. Below is my wishlist for the next version:

  • Sub-task for a task
  • Customizable background
  • IE-pinned tab features

Give it a try, I am sure you will like it, and hopefully it helps in your task management. Tell us your opinion!

Download wunderlist

Download wunderlist

Download wunderlist

Download wunderlist 1.2 (Direct link)

Download wunderlist 1.2 (Direct link)


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4 thoughts on “wunderlist is a Simple, Multi-platform Task Management Tool”

  1. Stu says:

     Works fine under Wine 1.3 (for Linux users left out in the cold).

    1. Rich says:

      Thanks for testing Stu!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The tool looks awesome! I will definitely get one and see if it works for me.  

  3. Anonymous says:

    I will have a try of wunderlist:)

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