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All My Storage ScreenshotPROS: Simple, clean access to your files, providing comparable features to Dropbox and SkyDrive web interfaces. Seamless access to your local and online files provides the advantage of local file storage without filling your Solid State or Hard Disk Drive.

: Very limited file manipulation functionality leaves you wanting to jump out to Windows Explorer to manage local files.

: I anticipate the inclusion of more features as this application matures; however, if you’re using a Windows 8 laptop or tablet with limited storage space, you’ll be sure to find this application a great tool for tying together your cloud and local files.

: Free

DOWNLOAD: All My Storage

All My Storage Features

If you’re using Windows 8, a great app to access your SkyDrive or Dropbox files, without filling your hard drive, is All My Storage. All my storage is a simple app that ties in your cloud files with an explorer-like view of your local files; thus providing access to all your files through one common interface. All My Storage allows you to search your local, Dropbox, and SkyDrive files in one go and even comes with a simple media player to stream media files from your cloud accounts.

Install All My Storage

1. Install All My Storage from the Windows App Store (how do I install apps from the Windows Store?)

2. Once installed, press the Windows key/button, type “storage”, and click All My Storage in the search results

How to Use All My Storage with Dropbox or SkyDrive

1. To link your online accounts, open All My Storage, bring up the app bar (Windows Key + Z), and click Link New Account

2. Give your account a name i.e. “Dropbox” and select the storage provider. Click Link

3. All My Storage needs access to your Dropbox or SkyDrive account. Click Allow to proceed

You’ll now be asked to link your account with All My Storage. Below are the steps for Dropbox; however, the SkyDrive steps are pretty much the same (only you wont need to log in with SkyDrive as you’re already signed in to your account with Windows 8)

4. Log in to your Dropbox account

5. When prompted, click Allow so All My Storage can access your account:

6. You can now view your Dropbox/SkyDrive files:

7. From here, you can add files and folders via the app bar:

How to Use All My Storage with Your Local Files

To access your local files with All My Storage:

1. Open All My Storage, bring up the app bar (Windows Key + Z), and click Link New Account

2. Give your account a name i.e. “Desktop”, select “My Local File System” as the storage provider, and click Select Root Folder

3. Click Files; locate and select the folder you wish to add i.e. Desktop:

4. Click Choose this Folder and then click OK

5. Upon returning to the Link Another Storage Provide Account screen, click Link

6. Click Allow

You may now access your local files through All My Storage.

What do you think of All My Storage? Would you prefer to continue using the Windows applications for Dropbox and SkyDrive separately or is this a step in the right direction for consolidated access to your files?

About Rich

Rich is the owner and creator of Windows Guides; he spends his time breaking things on his PC so he can write how-to guides to fix them.

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4 thoughts on “All My Storage: Access to Your SkyDrive, Dropbox, and Local Files in one [Windows 8 App]”

  1. mizdoc says:

    I get access to Dropbox, Box.net, Skydrive, etc with Otixo for free.

  2. Rich says:

    Already looking forward to it! Thanks.

  3. cirrussoft says:

    Hi Rich, we are excited to announce that new version of All My Storage is now available in the App Store ready for release of Windows 8 on the 26th!. There are 2 versions which both include Box.net and multiple SkyDrive integration on top of the existing Dropbox and SkyDrive functionality. The current Free version continues to support itself with advertising and a new version “All My Storage Pro” for $2.99 which has no Ads and some nifty new features such as Cloud Storage Statistics and extra themes.


    The All My Storage Team

  4. CirrusSoft says:

    Hi Rich, thought I would update you – new version of All My Storage is released. The Pro version includes Facebook, Google Drive and IDrive integration! Take a look and let us know what you think!

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