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Every time you create a new workbook in Excel, you get a document containing three blank sheets. Do you ever use more than one ? Or, do you always use more than three ? In this Quick-Tip I’ll show you how to set Excel to create new workbooks containing the number of sheets you require, whether it’s one or ten.

Here’s How

This Quick-Tip works in both Excel 2007 and 2010 (and perhaps in some older versions as well). The only differences between the two is the different Office Buttons. In Excel 2007 the Office button is a round Windows button, where as in 2010 it’s a green tab.

  1. In Excel 2010, Click the Green FILE-tab
    In Excel 2007, Click the Round Office Button
  2. In Excel 2010, Choose Options in the bottom part of the left panel.
    In Excel 2007, Choose Excel options in the lower right corner of the Office File Menu
  3. Locate the following heading in the right pane:
    “When creating new workbooks”
  4. Change the value under: “Include this many sheets” from 3 to your desired number
  5. Click OK

That’s it, and that’s that.


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3 thoughts on “Excel: Set only one sheet as standard in new documents [Quick Tip]”

  1. Kevin Ross says:

    In MS Excel 2003…
    Tools >> Options
    General TAB
    Sheets in New Workbook… Default is 3… Set it to what you want…

  2. Pete Olson says:

    Same goes for Excel 2000 as for 2003

  3. wadedorrell says:

    In Excel 2013 we changed the default to 1 (this helps viewers a lot, especially on 1-sheet documents where the creator didn’t bother to delete sheets 2 and 3, plus the new-sheet button is easier to recognize & tap than it once was.)

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