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CompanionLink ScreenshotPROS: Supports all modern versions of Outlook and all modern mobiles. USB sync, wireless sync and Google sync are all includes and it does exactly what it says on the tin perfectly! 

CONS: Is too good an option!?

VERDICT: One of the most useful programs I have seen in a long time!

PRICE: Varies from $49.95 to $129.95


DOWNLOAD: CompanionLink (free 14-day trial)

CompanionLink Features

After my review last May, where I was really impressed by the software, I have been completely blown away with version 4.

As well as the great features behind CompanionLink 3, such as Outlook compatibility with all versions (including Outlook 2010 64-bit) and the  superb Google syncing, the guys at CompanionLink have somehow managed to make it even better!

In the new version, there is two big changes – the new, easy-to-use interface and the auto-sync feature. This automatically synchronizes your data from Outlook (or the program of your choice) straight to Google (or the platform of your choice). There are also Profiles, so you can sync different programs at the same time and other great features!

There is also an Advanced Settings option, where you can make your synchronization job as simple or complex as you want, with various different rules.

This is the best syncing problem I have seen so far – I wonder what it’ll be like in the future!

Download CompanionLink

Download CompanionLink

Download CompanionLink



About Harry

Harry has always loved computers and technology. He enjoys breaking his tech, and then trying to fix again (usually successfully!) and loves about almost anything tech! • Favourite browser - Google Chrome • Favourite PC brand - HP • Favourite phone - HTC One

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2 thoughts on “CompanionLink v4 is better than ever before!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sync Saga Continues #Outlook Sync PIM Data to #Android http://bit.ly/lkiIG3@googleapps @msftnews [@companionlink FAIL]Fruitlessly, I have invested a considerable amount of time and distraction to trying perform a basic task on an Android, the synchronization of Outlook PIM data to the Phone’s database. There is nothing unusual or new about this operation. The first time I was able to do a complete sync of Outlook data was back in 1998 between Outlook and Yahoo Mail, and Outlook and WindowsCE. I have since been able to sync between Outlook and various mobile devices such as Blackberry, Palm (Tungsten, Handspring, & Treo series), Nokia phones, and Sony-Ericson.It seems this is a bridge too far with today’s so-called “smart phones”.

  2. SixFiveGuy says:

    For those who just want the summary: if you need to sync Microsoft Outlook on your
    PC with your android smartphone, save yourself some money and a lot of grief by
    using Android-Sync instead of CompanionLink.

    I’ve been syncing Outlook
    with various handheld devices for about 20 years. I’m syncing 600 contacts,
    4,000 calendar events, and several hundred tasks. I have a lot of notes, but I use
    Evernote for those, since Evernote’s capabilities are far superior to Outlook’s,
    and it provides automatic syncing among various devices.

    I had been using Windows Mobile for my smartphones,
    since those phones come with free, reliable syncing software. But last year I
    finally switched to an android phone –Motorola’s Droid Razr Maxx.

    I’ve found that the android OS is much superior to
    Windows Mobile, but there is that lingering problem of how to sync Outlook with
    the android. I read many reviews, and CompanionLink (with its companion
    DejaOffice) was often mentioned as the best available product, although at a
    steep cost ($49.95).

    I shelled out the $49.95 for CompanionLink, and
    would have been happy to pay that if it had worked well. I’ve now spent four
    frustrating months trying to get it to work reliably and accurately, and have
    mostly given up because of the variety and persistence of the problems. Here
    are some of the problems I’ve had:

    -Messages asking
    if I want to delete anywhere from hundreds to thousands of calendar items in
    Outlook, even though no calendar changes had been made on the android or in

    -Very strange,
    seemingly random, changes made to contacts, such as one person’s e-mail being replaced
    with that of another person.

    messages that CompanionLink and DejaOffice are using different Wi-Fi device
    names, even though the names had been working fine, and no changes had been made.
    (And when this happened, a check of the names on the PC and the android always
    showed them to be the same.)

    Strangely, this
    message complaining about different Wi-Fi device names would come up frequently
    even when I was trying to use a USB connection, with no Wi-Fi involvement.

    I like to read a lot of
    reviews before buying a new product, and I hadn’t been able to find a solid
    recommendation for any syncing software other than CompanionLink. But while recently
    searching again for an alternative, I was surprised to come across a product
    called Android-Sync, which I assume is new. I was skeptical, since I couldn’t find
    any reviews. But since I was desperate, and since they offer a “60-day
    no-questions-asked money-back guarantee” for $29.95, I decided to give it
    a try. I’ve only been using the product for about a week, but at this point I’m
    very glad I spent the money.

    Android-Sync is much easier to set up and use
    (partly because it has fewer options – e.g., you can’t sync with Wi-Fi), it
    syncs faster, and I’ve yet to find any errors in the syncing. I’m using an
    optional feature that causes it to sync automatically whenever the android is
    connected to the PC with a USB cable. CompanionLink claims to have such a USB capability,
    but it often failed to work, even after I changed my USB connection mode, which
    Android-Sync does not require.

    I’ve found that Android-Sync works well for syncing
    with the native android calendar, contacts, and tasks applications. I much
    prefer Business Calendar to the native android calendar, and fortunately that
    works smoothly, since Business Calendar automatically syncs with the native
    calendar. So I’m getting good two-way syncing between Business Calendar and
    Outlook using Android-Sync.

    I’m happy with the android’s native contacts manager
    (and my contact categories in Outlook are syncing nicely with groups on the
    android), but I do find that the task manager in DejaOffice is superior to the
    native task app that Android-Sync uses. Because of that, I’m continuing to use
    CompanionLink, but now only for syncing tasks. With that much smaller job, it
    has (to my surprise) been working well for the past week, via Wi-Fi. Of course,
    if I had known ahead of time, I would never have paid $50 for a program that’s
    only capable of reliably syncing tasks.

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