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Windows Guides reader, TheManRetired, offers two guides to help users who are new to Windows. This first guide covers installation of Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 Free. The second guide covers setting up your first backup to CD or DVD. If you’d like to provide help (simple, advanced etc., let me know.)

Here is how to backup just about anything you want to a recordable CD or DVD. These instructions where made using Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 Free with the FastStone Capture program.

Download Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 Free.

It is a 5.77MB file to download from there, you can also find it elsewhere on the web but you cannot find it on Ashampoo’s website as they want to sell you the new version, which is version 9 and I use that one normally and it is good but there is a deal with this one that you are not going to find anywhere else that I have come across, install the program and when it comes up the first time it well offer the version 9 for $9.99 which is not a bad deal if you can afford it.

After downloading the file, go onto the harddrive and double click on the exe file to start the install, if you are using vista or windows 7 you are going to have to either give administrator approval or enter the credentials into the user account window that comes up, after that you will get this window:


I don’t know if other languages come up here or not as I only use English as that is all I read or write, pick your language and click on ok then this window comes up:


Click next:

Then this agreement comes up and the only way to go any further is to click on the I agree button then click on next after you have read the License Agreement and do want to agree to it, if not click on I do not agree and click on cancel as you will not be given the option to click on next:


Then the info page comes up, please read it also:


When ready click on next, and you will get the location of where the program wants to go, this screen shows an x86 program files directory as I am running the Windows 7 64bit program so I have two different program file locations, one is the regular program files you see on all windows systems now but the 64bit versions also have a x86 version where all the 32bit programs go into and it looks to them like it is normal program files location so I suggest just letting it go into whichever location it wants to go as it sure makes the program run better and if you decide to upgrade later it makes it easier as you don’t have to change anything on the setup or upgrade when you do it, if you try and put it in the 64bit program files location it will not work right either so let it go to default location. On this screen just click on next:


On the next screen you get to do some make your own choices of what you want the install to do for you, if you are going to keep this version for a while keep the register full version online check mark, I always keep the create desktop icon so I can use it to run the program vice going through the all programs but it is your choice, I never keep the create a quick launch icon as I don’t have quick launch on windows 7 but I also did not like a lot of programs going there anyway, I like to keep it down to the ones that I use all the time, I suggest getting rid of the check mark for create the page.com desktop icon as I personally don’t see the use of it, and I don’t want someone else to change the homepage I have set up in IE8 and Firefox but it is your choice, to get rid of the check marks simply use your mouse and click on them and the check mark goes away or if you remove the check mark and then decide you want the check mark in there simply check on the item that is not checked, then click on next:


On this screen I click on next but if you want to go to the Ashampoo website and read about their software go ahead or just click on next:


Now you can just sit a relax for a little while as the program will install, depending on how fast your system is it might be done in a couple minutes or it could take a little while longer to complete but this is the screen you will see when it is installing.


After it is installed you will get this screen, if you want to run the program now just click on finish or remove the check mark by clicking on it and the checkmark will go away then click on finish.


If you just click on finish this is the screen that you will get, but if you don’t when you do decide to start the program you will see this screen:


On the Service Channel Configuration is where you can set it to look for updates and/or get the Ashampoo news when you start the program, I suggest leaving the check marks in both of them as it will let you know of updates and this is also how you well get the offer to upgrade to version 9 for $9.99 when you run the program, it only comes up the first time you run the program but you can change it later in the program if you want to.

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Rich is the owner and creator of Windows Guides; he spends his time breaking things on his PC so he can write how-to guides to fix them.

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  5. Suzie says:

    This was so good.This what i was really looking for.I have a DVD maker but i think it can only burn DVDs and not CDS.Well thanks so much.This was so great,.

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