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Angry Birds

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Whether or not you like playing games on your cellphone, you may have noticed people so hung up on a certain game that they hardly recognize anything around them. Which game is it? It’s called “Angry Birds”. The game first appeared on iPhone and has since then moved on to other platforms. Having a Windows Mobile, I know It will never reach my phone, as the developers have claimed NEVER to transfer the game to that platform. But in a small way (or should I say big) they have yielded – the game is now available for Windows PC. And it works on all window platforms.

If you wonder about the HALF star up there, the game’s only flaw is that it’s so addictive…

PRICE: $4,99

DOWNLOAD: Angry Birds

Curious about the game ?

[EDIT] There was a free edition available when it was first published. Seeing as I was a bit late telling you about this, the free edition is no longer available. Angry Birds is now only available in paid version at Intel App Up Store.

I must warn you – it’s very ADDICTIVE, and the hours will pass as you over and over again scream out loud in agony over the ONE, lousy pig that just won’t die, die .. d.. Oh well you get the idea.

The aim of the game is that a pack of green hogs have stolen the birds eggs. The birds of course are very upset about this and decide to attack the hogs claiming their eggs back. Using a large slingshot they use themselves as ammo trying to destroy the hogs fortresses. Some of the birds can drop bombs in the shape of, you guessed it… eggs. Others will explode on impact and others… well you will just wait and see for yourself now won’t you ?

It’s a rather simple game, and rather stupid – but the fact of the manner is – you will get addicted – so maybe you should just stay away from this one? Well, don’t come back and say I didn’t warn you. Now where was I.. oh yes… back to the game…

Angry Birds is available at the Intels App Up store.

Download Angry Birds at the Intel AppUp Store

Download Angry Birds

Get Angry Birds

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5 thoughts on “Angry Birds for Windows”

  1. Rich says:

    Care to elaborate?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m afraid it isn’t working for me, either. I saved it to my desktop. I received this message when I tried to open it:

    “Windows cannot open this file.”

    To open this file, Windows needs to know what program created it. Windows can go online to look it up automatically, or you can manually select from a list of programs on your computer.”

    “What do you want to do?”

    * Use the web service to find the appropriate file
    * Select the program from a list

    I selected to use the web service to try and find the program. It took me to a page that has different zip files/programs to choose from. I guess maybe one of those zip things can open it but I’m not sure which one to use or if it will work.

  3. shaleen says:

    it works for me!
    I’m already addicted to it!!!!!
    thanks for putting it here

  4. Keith Smith says:

    I’ve had a ball out of this game,Finally beat it after a week.

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