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If you read the Meet the Windows Guides Team post a while back, you may remember that we were asked about our predictions for Windows 8. Well I’ve changed my mind …

My NEW wish for Windows 8!

One of the things annoying me in Windows is that it is so set on using my C-Drive to store everything. I have a 256 GB C-Drive which is getting fuller and fuller, where as my D-Drive (which also has 256 GB) hardly stores anything. Asking Windows to use the D-Drive for applications is of course possible, but somehow I feel that it should suggest it by itself. Especially when the C-Drive is getting fuller and fuller.

Another thing that bugs me is that if I would like to move some of my installed applications over to the D-Drive I have to un-install it from the C-Drive and re-Install it on my D-Drive. Such a waste of time. Why can’t I just tell Windows to MOVE it for me ?

While We wait for Microsoft to come around –  I have a great piece of software here that allows me to move any installed application from one Drive to another, without all the hassle mentioned earlier. It’s called SteamMover

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Developed for heavy Gamers

Originally SteamMover was developed to help heavy gamers to re-arrange the space on their hard drive. Moving a game from one disk to another, without re-installing it, and risk loosing any saved game data is quite the daunting task. But seeing as moving ANY program from one place to another is just as hard – SteamMover can be used by anyone on any program.

I have tested it with great success on my Windows 7 64bit system. I started out testing it on smaller “not-so-dangerous-if-I-loose it” applications and moved on to bigger ones like Firefox.

How does it work ?

SteamMover use the built-in feature XCopy to move the application from its original place to a location of your choice. From there it creates a shortcut in the original place pointing to the new one.

To move a program

In the SteamMover window, you have to choose your programs folder and the new location folder. The program will then display a list of any programs installed in that folder. All you have to do it to highlight the program to move, and then click on the move button. When it is done working you will see the new site of your program listed in the menu.

To restore a programs location

To undo a move, you simply click the Restore Button and let SteamMover do the rest.

Word of Caution

Things may go wrong, so use it with caution. I haven’t dared try it on my OFFICE installation and any really important program. But for moving those smaller applications that I believe this to be a great solution for anyone with a full C-Drive. The author also takes no responsibility what so ever should anything go wrong.

Read more here, or…


Download Steam Mover (via Traynier.com)

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