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PROS: One Click Action, Rip directly to ISO, remove copy protection and burn ISO to DVD (or Blu-Ray). CONS: It does take a lot CPU power while working, but that’s about it. No Heads up when the program is finished. No Downsizing possibilities.

VERDICT: A simple, yet powerful application. It’s a “One Click Action” program which is very easy to use. Insert your movie, Click RUN and wait.

PRICE: Absolutely FREE

VERSION REVIEWED: 2.0 Build on 20110802





I must admit being a bit un-enthusiastic when I get an email about a “fantastic product” promising to be the best product to ever hit the market. But I am weak for flattery, and when the person requesting me to review, loves our site… well I think you get the idea. So filled with bias and pre determined not to be amazed I downloaded this fantastic product and gave it a run.

So simple, any one can use it

First thing that struck me, was the simplicity. The design is clean. No Fancy gleering logos or graphical details. A plain and simple interface. I loved it. The interface has two main tabs, one for transferring your DVD to an ISO-file, and the other for burning your ISO-file to a DVD. Everything you need to get it working is there. Insert the DVD, Choose where to store the ISO file, hit the RUN-button and let the program do its thing. After about 20 minutes of waiting the job was done. Now came the time to test the finished result. One thing I sort of missed is that BDlot does not tell you its done. It just stops. No ding, no pop-up, nothing. I would prefer some notification that the process was completed. The finished ISO was exactly the same size as the original DVD 6.11 GB – which is too large for me to burn on a regular DVD. But mounted on my computer it worked like a charm. Seeing as the developers of BDlot say this is a “Do It All” program I would expect to find a “downsize” function to be able to burn the finished result on a regular 4,7GB DVD.

Disney Status

In addition to removing the common CSS protection (copy protection), removing of FBI Warning and other commercial clips, BDlot promise to keep the “Genuine Disney” protection. This would make sure that any online features provided with your purchase would still be available on your copy. I slammed in a Disney DVD, and hit RUN once more, to check it out. About half way in I could hear the “unreadable” sectors being processed by my DVD-burner. I thought, “uh-oh I don’t like the sound of that”, but amazingly enough – no errors, nothing. And the finished ISO played like a charm.


If you’re looking for a simple and efficient program to back up your DVDs (which you’ve spent your hard-earned money on) I say look no further. The program is really great and deliver what it promise. Except for the missing Down-size Option I would prefer, this is one of the best DVD-Copy programs I’ve tested. And best of all, it’s free. But don’t just take my word for it – test it yourself. Did I mention the FREE part ??


  • Save Different DVDs to Hard Drive and USB Easily with Strong Reading Ability
  • Backup Any Protected DVD with Unique Decrypting Technology
  • Backup DVD to ISO without Compression or Quality Loss at Top Fast Speed
  • Burn Any ISO to DVD/CD/BD under High-efficient Processing
  • Error Proofing Technology Guarantees DVD Data Integrity after Burning
  • High Compatibility and Good Stability Light Your Everyday Life

More information

You can read more about the program and its features here: http://www.bdlot.com/dvd-iso-master/

Download BDlot DVD ISO Master

Download BDlot DVD ISO Master

Download BDlot DVD ISO Master

Oh, yeah and it’s FREE, did I say that already ??

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One thought on “Backup your Movies using BDlot DVD ISO Master [Freeware]”

  1. Thomas says:

    I think you are looking at the wrong product.
    The BDlot ISO maker is Freeware.
    The other BDlot products are not.

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