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When you type on your keyboard, the keys travel along a path within the operating system before it arrives at your browser. Keyloggers plant themselves along this path and observe and record your keystrokes. The collected information is then sent to the criminals who will use it to steal from you. Key Scrambler encrypts the information with a keyboard driver before it can get to the key logger.

Download Key Scrambler Personal Now

How KeyScrambler Protects Your Vital Info Online

Unlike anti-virus and anti-spyware programs that depend on recognition to remove keyloggers that they know about, KeyScrambler protects against known and unknown keyloggers without requiring constant updates. This is how it works:

  • Encrypts your input at keyboard driver level as it enters your computer
  • Decrypts it at the destination application
  • End to end protection gives keyloggers only indecipherable data to record
  • Works even on security compromised computers
  • Protects all parts of the browser and everything you type into a webpage on all websites

More About Key Scrambler

The browser add-on protects everything you type into a web page on all websites and in all parts of the browser:

  • All websites: login credentials, credit card numbers, passwords, search terms and more
  • All parts of the browser: Java, Flash, PDF Forms, including Runescape and many bank logins
  • All web email: Yahoo mail, hotmail, and gmail
  • Major browsers: IE, Firefox, Flock

Screenshot of Key Scrambler

KeyScrambler Encrypts Browser Keystrokes

Download Key Scrambler Personal Now

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  • Mel
    I think I would rather take the preventative route and just have a good anti-spyware program..
  • jd
    if I use the pw mgr on firefox 3 would it save the encrypted info or would it save the unencrypted info I typed in?
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