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Evernote is an amazing tool to keep all of your notes in one place, & synced up between iPhone, PC, & with online access. Whether you’re recording a voice note on the road to avoid “texting while SMSing,” taking a picture, or writing a traditional note, Evernote is in my opinion the best way to keep track of notes between all devices.

Setup is simple & after you’re finished you’ll have access to your notes on the PC, online, or in your pocket.

To setup Evernote for the iPhone & the desktop, do the following:

Head over to the app store & search for “evernote.” Download & install the Evernote app, then launch it:

Register for a new account by filling out the required fields.
Login & behold the goodness:
You’re all done on the iPhone. Now to the PC.
Download and install Evernote, going with the default options.
Sign in

You’re done! Take a few notes on your iPhone & watch your files as they sync up. Hope you enjoy!

About Adam Chavez

Hey all. I really enjoy trying out new technology & seeing if it can make my life easier -- hopefully my reviews & articles will take some of the headache out of your life as I show you software that has worked for me. I particularly enjoy mobile software, so many of my articles will cover mobile apps - iPhone & Android especially. Aside from guest-writing for MintyWhite, I also run a software development company called SNAPP Software & we make cool mobile apps for companies. Thanks for reading!

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