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Thanks to advances in web technology, you can these days get tons of free Web Applications to suit your every need. These applications are increasingly powerful and usable. As a result, applications like Gmail, Facebook and Google Docs are soaring in popularity.

Unfortunately the web browser, which was originally designed for reading documents, is not an ideal environment for running applications. It is frustrating and time-consuming to wade through a mass of browser windows and tabs just to find your email client. Unstable applications can slow down or crash your entire browser. And many of the conveniences offered by modern operating systems are unavailable to Web Applications running in the browser.

Introducing PRISM…

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SumoPaint.com as Standalone Web Application

Prism is a product from Mozilla Labs, designed to “remove” the browser from the picture. Instead of running all your Web Applications in the browser, Prism lets you run them in their own window just like normal applications. You still need an Internet connection to make most of them work, like the MSN SkyDrive and Google Docs. But you no longer need to remember which Tab your application is hiding under.

Prism is based on the same technology as the Firefox Browser, ensuring maximum compatibility with the entire range of applications available on the web. Ironically, Prism is a Web Application (or Firefox Add-on) but it is also available as a Standalone Application.

Any Site, with all the OS benefits…

And if you were wondering, Prism let you open ANY site as a Standalone Application. I am currently logged onto my WordPress account, typing this inside the Prism Interface. Prism doesn’t just open a web page in a browser-like interface, it also gives you all the benefits of a true Standalone Application. With Prism you can hide your application in the System Tray, Add it to your Dock, Run it when you Boot your Computer, get Traybar Notifications, and the list continues…

Imagine. You no longer need to log on to your web mail account, Facebook or any other site you use. Now you can run it as if it were installed on your computer. Prism will store your site passwords and even let you know when you have new mail arriving in your inbox. This is truly a great piece of work.

Easy to Setup and Use

I prefer the standalone version of Prism as I don’t use Firefox that much. Anyway, the Program comes in a ZIP-file, with no installation required. Unzip and Run.

The Prism Interface is a simple Form Utility. You fill in the URL of your desired Application, give it a Name, and where to save the Short-Cut (Desktop, Quick-Launch or Start-Menu). Once you have saved your preferences, double-click the Icon, and voila!

Un-Install a Web Application

Not only do you get to use your favourite Web Applications as if it were a real Application, but removing an unwanted Application is also truly simple. Delete the ShortCut. No more “Left Overs” in the Registry or unused folders in the Start Menu.


  • Access web apps from system taskbar or dock
  • Pop up alerts
  • System tray icon and dock badges
  • Minimize to tray
  • Run applications automatically when your computer starts
  • Rock solid web app stability
  • Associate applications with browser links
  • Tray icon and dock menus
  • Works on Windows and MAC

To read more about the features, Look here: https://mozillalabs.com/prism/

Or… Download


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