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I’ve been a fan of uTorrent for a while now.  It’s free, fast, lightweight, highly configurable, cross-platform and now, looks great.

A new look isn’t all uTorrent brings to the table.  Apps have been introduced thanks to Project Griffin meaning extra functionality without bogging down the core client.

A new Play button has also been added,

It appears next to any obvious content and clicking the icon will launch your default application for the given file type.  I like this feature as it encourages seeding though it’d be nice to be able to open all file types in this way.

The first time you launch 2.2 Beta you’ll notice a “take our survey” link in the toolbar.  If you have a few spare seconds, your feedback will go a long way with the devs, though i urge you to try uTorrent out before clicking the link as it disappears after clicking it (the link in the help menu is currently broken for me as of time of writing).

If you’re interested in developing , you can get the Apps SDK here.  You can also enter the App Developers Challenge for a chance to win $1000!

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Download uTorrent 2.2 Beta

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2 thoughts on “uTorrent 2.2 Beta Gets a New Look”

  1. Taylor Ling says:

    The download link for beta has changed. Below is the correct link:

  2. Rich says:

    Thanks Taylor!

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