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These days with the Internet being all around us, using a secure browser is essential. We all have that one browser we love to use, and often in disregard to its security or lack there of.

The lack of security may lay in an outdated browser version, but also in the plugins, add ons and what not installed. The over eager use of plugins (as done in MSIE and Firefox) is why I personally dread most browsers. Mostly because these plugins tend to clutter my “browsing space” but also due to the lack of security.

How do you know how safe your browser experience really is ?

The short answer is: BrowserCheck By Qualys

BrowserCheck by Qualys is a free tool that allow you to test your browser and plugins for known security issues, vulnerabilities  and outdated software.  But that’s not all. BrowserCheck also help you solve your discovered problems by offering links to the new and updated software you need to fix your Browser issues.

Clicking on each topic in the results page, will show you which driver, plugin and version BrowserCheck found on your system and what action they recommend you take.

All links is directed to the vendors / developers sites so you don’t risk downloading from an unknown or unsecure site. In other words, the BrowserCheck is not scamming you to use a certain software or paid subscription.

On my first run I found that not only was my browser outdated (by a couple of days), but so were my Flash-, Pdf-, Quicktime and Java plugin. I was able to download and solve these issues within 5 minutes, and now I’m browsing even more secure than before. Now it’s your turn…




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8 thoughts on “How Secure is your Browser ?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    AVOID test at all costs.
    > In installs a non-removable plug-in
    > You can do the scans without it
    > Most web browser has a similar search system
    > It marks Flash and Adobe Reader as venerable and needs update, when I do have the latest version, and installed them again from Adobe site just in case.

    Now I have to find a way to remove this freaking plug-in. Thanks Minty white. Keep your crap at your place.

    1. Thomas says:

      I’m not sure what kind of browser you use, but I have NO problems what so ever removing ANY cookie from my system, even the one from Qualys. I asked QUalys about that cookie (which btw every site out there leaves behind), and what it does is store your concent to run the check. So that you don’t have to give it over and over.

      And “crap” ??
      Come on, please keep your language clean.

      If we were to keep everything to ourselves, we wouldn’t have this site. And even if you didn’t like this tool, I’m sure many do. So please keep comments clean, in consideration for other readers.

  2. Thomas says:

    if there is an update available for your browser they will let you know.
    If they don’t find an upate… I’m not sure.
    let’s ask them :)

  3. Guest says:

    There is a new program called Qualys Browsercheck for updating plug-ins for your browser. Every update has crapware attached. what a rip

    1. Thomas says:

      First off you do not download or install anything using this tool.

      Secondly, I suspect that you are either an ex-employee with a grunt towards them or a competitor ?!
      Either way, throwing out unsubstantiated accusations like that without providing proof is just sad. If you have proof of your claims, let us know. Otherwise do not use mintywhite as your personal chopping block.

      1. GuestBarry says:

        Qualys browser check was recomended in Neat Net Tricks I tried the online version, found 5 plug-insadd-ons out of date in ff 4.0 Adobe reader had McAffee crapware stuck to it. Then Java had some toolbar stuck to it. Very sneaky stuff. I quit it right there. I’ll update in the usual way or use Secunia PSI which nags alot but I never got crapware with my updates

      2. Rich says:

        Thanks for the information Barry and others. We’ll look in to this.

      3. Thomas says:

        Ahh, yes. But You fail to see that the toolobar “attached to java” comes from the JAVA developer (SUN technologies) NOT the developers of BrowserCheck.

        When Qualys detect an outdated driver or plug-in it RE-directs you to the plugin developers website. As clearly stated in my article. Many developers add their own toolbar to their free product to earn money (by advertising) or to add functionality to your browser, using their tools (which is why I don’t use MSIE or Firefox).

        Therefore, Qualys BrowserCheck can not be held responsible for any “extras” you might encounter.

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