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My Homepage Have you ever been faced with the problem of forgetting passwords? Do you make a different one for each site, and can never remember it? Well, MyHomepage is the solution!

I’ve definitely been faced with the problem before, with no obvious solution. That was, of course, until I found MyHomepage. It is a great, brand new site, and it’s really impressed me! It’s simple to use, and allows you to save your passwords used on most of your sites, such as Twitter, Bebo, Facebook and MySpace. This is all really secure, see MyHomepage’s Security page, and, you will see a padlock when entering any secure information, so that you can ensure that you and only you can see your details!

Let’s just say, for this example, that I have set up my MyHomepage account with my Facebook password. I have also set the Auto Login up (it is a little favourite that you put in your favourites bar, see here for more information). Once entered, it will appear in my Password Vault, and, if I were to click on the Facebook screenshot, up Facebook comes.  Then, all I have to do is click the Auto Login button, and my username and password will be filled in, and it’ll even click the login button for you!

And, as it’s a website, you’re also able to log in to MyHomepage from wherever you have to be, as long as you have a computer and internet connection. So, you can get into all your accounts, quickly, easily and, most importantly of all, securely!

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Harry has always loved computers and technology. He enjoys breaking his tech, and then trying to fix again (usually successfully!) and loves about almost anything tech! • Favourite browser - Google Chrome • Favourite PC brand - HP • Favourite phone - Google Pixel

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One thought on “Keep all Your Passwords Safe with MyHomepage!”

  1. Donalsder says:

    There are a million ways to monetize a site like myhomepage.com

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